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ERP Health

ERP Health
Mailing Address: 2227 Amber St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19125, United States
Phone: 267-338-7092
Membership Type: Supporter
About This Organization:

Collect, analyze and deliver patient health information in real-time, showcasing individual and community trends to better help identify gaps in care resulting in reduced discharge against medical advice (AMA) rates.
Support reimbursable treatment episodes with integrated psychological testing protocols to increase facility reimbursement while providing utilization review departments with the clinical information needed to accurately reflect medical necessity for extended authorization of treatment.
Integrate seamlessly with existing workflows by streamlining clinical processes such as reporting, communication and oversight.

Mission Statement:

The ERPHealth platform supports interaction between providers and patients, guides clinical decision making and enables strategic business models.

Year Founded: 2019
Services offered: Billing Services
2227 Amber St.