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Membership Types

NAATP has two categories of membership, Provider Membership and Supporter Membership. 

Provider Member

NAATP Provider Members provide direct professional addiction recovery services. Provider members must be licensed in the state(s) in which they operate for the types and levels of services offered. Starting January 1, 2019, Provider Members will need to become accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting body. New and continuing members not already accredited will be allowed 24-month to attain accreditation during which time they will be designated as Provisional Members. Provider Member applicants that are not licensed will not be accepted. These organizations may qualify as Supporter members if in the process of opening and attaining licensure. 

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Supporter Member

NAATP Supporter Members are entities or individuals that provide a service that supports or contributes to the work of NAATP toward the goals of addiction service provision. Supporter Members are non-clinical in nature and may not provide or present as providing addiction services without being licensed.

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Member Benefits

We offer a range of valuable benefits to our members including:

  • Networking
  • Information Sharing
  • Visibility
  • Training
  • Industry News
  • Ethical Guidance
  • Policy Advocacy
  • Surveys & Outcomes
  • Job Listings
  • ADAW Subscriptions

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Membership Dues

NAATP members pay annual dues. We have a sliding scale based on your agency or program's gross revenue. Please see the list below to find your dues level. If your revenue increases over time, your dues will increase accordingly.

Provider Member 

  • Less than 1.5M – $1,000
  • 1.5M but less than 3M – $1,250
  • 3M but less than 5M – $1,750
  • 5M but less than 8M – $2,750
  • 8M but less than 12M – $4,250
  • 12M but less than 18M – $5,750
  • 18M but less than 25M – $7,750
  • 25M but less than 35M – $10,500
  • 35M but less than 50M – $14,500
  • Greater than 50M – $20,500

Supporter Member 

  • Less than 1.5M – $1,000
  • Greater than 1.5M – $2,500

Member Application and Review 

Membership application review is generally completed within 1-14 days of submission. However, if we need additional information, timing will be dependent on your responsiveness providing this information. Once the membership is approved and dues have been received, you will receive a NAATP membership packet via mail. We will also email you the NAATP logo so you can proudly display it on your website and other visibility and marketing materials. You will also be able to log into our website to access a wide variety of additional resources.

Membership Terms and Conditions

NAATP membership is a privilege. NAATP requires that all members adhere to NAATP Membership Terms & Conditions, which include the NAATP Values and the NAATP Code of Ethics. During the application and renewal process, members are required to attest that they have read, understand, and agree to adhere to each of these. Members must further agree that a failure to adhere, as determined in the sole discretion of NAATP, will result in disciplinary action by NAATP that may include: denial of the membership application, corrective action by the member, or revocation of membership. 

Membership Terms and Conditions