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Addiction treatment has evolved since the 12-Step methodology began in the 1930s, building on what works best. Our industry regularly evaluates new methods based on developments in neurobiology and behavioral health, integrating practices within a best practice bio-psycho-social-spiritual treatment model.

In 2021, an estimated 19.4 million US adults (7%) had both a mental illness and an illicit drug or alcohol use disorder; 52.5% of them received treatment for only 1 condition, and 47.5% received neither service.

Treatment Methods & Evidence-Based Practices

Addiction is different for every single person experiencing it. Each individual requires a tailored treatment plan and professionals may apply many different, evidence-based approaches in the treatment of a substance use disorder (SUD). This list covers many of the common methods used in treatment centers and private practices nationwide.
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Levels of Care

Several factors, including the severity of one’s addiction and length of time someone has used drugs or alcohol, impact the decision of which type of care to seek. For this reason, different levels of care exist within the addiction treatment industry. The phrase “continuum of care” describes the full list of steps in the addiction treatment process. 
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Addiction Treatment FAQs

Here we have compiled a list of straightforward answers to the most frequently asked questions surrounding treatment like how family and friends can help an addicted loved one and how effective is addiction treatment.
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