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Member Benefits

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NAATP member voices are diverse and strong. We proudly offer member benefits that enhance your ability to provide high-quality evidence-based services, and support you in becoming a successful and profitable addiction treatment leader. Download our Member Information for an overview of NAATP Member Benefits.

Networking and Information Sharing

Treatment providers are in this work together. By connecting, discussing, giving, and taking, we improve all our work. Your relationships with your colleagues in addiction industry leadership will serve you and your organization well.


Membership in NAATP improves your visibility and bottom line. As a member, you will be listed in our searchable Membership Directory. We encourage you to display your membership in NAATP on your electronic and print materials. Upon membership approval, you will receive the official high-resolution NAATP logo.

Search Engine Visibility

NAATP members gain a place in our searchable Membership Directory. Inclusion in the directory provides an SEO boost in the form of a relevant, high-authority link, along with increased public visibility. In an industry as competitive as addiction treatment, authoritative backlinks are essential for your digital marketing.

NAATP Directory SEO Information

Education, Training, and Communication

NAATP promotes best practices in the marketing and delivery of addiction services by the dissemination of knowledge to its members through:

  • AddictionLEADER, the Newsletter of NAATP
  • Annual National Leadership Conference
  • Weekly Email and Social Media Updates
  • Member-Only Website Resources Portal
  • Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School Scholarship

Ethical Guidance

NAATP provides critical guidance toward strong ethical and professional practice in our industry through the NAATP Code of Ethics, which NAATP treatment providers agree to abide by. The NAATP Ethics Complaint Policy and Procedure provides a mechanism to hold ourselves and each other accountable. NAATP members walk the talk! NAATP has also launched a new Quality Control Initiative to raise the floor in addiction treatment ethics. 

Policy Advocacy

NAATP represents the addiction provider constituency in Congress and throughout the policy-making community, through our Washington DC-based Policy Representative and NAATP-PAC (Political Action Committee).

NAATP is also a voice at the table with colleague organizations like the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the National Institute on Drug Addiction (NIDA), and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP).

Treatment Outcomes Study

The NAATP pioneering addiction treatment Outcomes Pilot Program (OPP) was launched in 2016. Through 8 of our member pilot sites, we are tracking the efficacy of our work. The comprehensive cross-site study will provide much-needed data, inform our work for the future, and provide a tool for our members to use to track their own outcomes.

Salary Surveys

NAATP produces industry staffing salary data for its members. After being suspended for several years, we reinstated this member benefit in 2016. The salary surveys are available free to NAATP members. You must be logged in to access it. The survey is available for sale to non-members. All Provider Members are asked to participate in the bi-annual national Salary Survey. The next release will be in early 2018. 

Employee Retirement 401(k) Benefit Plan 

Starting in 2019, NAATP has partnered with well-known retirement industry providers to offer the NAATP Retirement Solution, powered by TAG Resources, LLC, the largest “end to end” 401(k) provider in the United States. The NAATP Retirement Solution is a solution for organizations that allows you and your treatment center to offer a retirement plan to your employees, while reducing your administrative burden, transferring fiduciary risks, and potentially reducing costs. Sponsoring and maintaining a retirement plan can be challenging. The NAATP Retirement Solution brings together a team of professionals on your behalf so you can focus on running your organization, not your retirement plan. 

NAATP Retirement Solution Information

Member Association Discounts

NAATP membership allows members to utilize financial incentives with NAATP loyalty vendors. Members receive a $500 discount on exhibit space at the NAATP National Leadership Conference and a $100 discount on conference registration.

The National Association and Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies agreed to a joint initiative to provide scholarships to employees of NAATP Provider Members as of June 2017. Hazelden Betty Ford will offer a $4500 scholarship to employees of NAATP Member facilities who enroll in a degree program or $220 off three-credit courses at the Graduate School of Addiction Studies. When applying, please reference employment at a NAATP Member facility. Your employment status will need to be confirmed, as will your employer’s membership with The National Association.

ADAW Subscription

Provider members receive Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Weekly (ADAW) as a member benefit. 

Career Listings

Members are able to post open positions in your organization on our website at no cost.

Member Making News

Member Making News allows members to contribute content to NAATP’s website and promote organization achievements and accolades. 

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