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Member Benefits

NAATP member voices are diverse and strong. We proudly offer member benefits that enhance your ability to provide high-quality evidence-based services and support you in becoming a successful and profitable addiction treatment leader. Download our Member Benefit Guide for a full list of NAATP Member Benefits.

Visibility and Credibility

Online Membership Directory Listing: The Addiction Industry Directory (AID) is an online searchable listing made up of the most trusted treatment providers in the country. 

  • Expands member’s reach and increases referrals
  • Generates 30,000 views per month
  • Boosts your organization’s reputation
  • Builds consumer confidence

Member Seal: Beyond ensuring your AID listing is complete, we encourage you to display our recently updated member seal on your website. Our mark on your website helps consumers know you support quality practice and are committed to adhering to our Code of Ethics and heightened standards of business operations.

Affiliate Vendor Directory and Discounts: Our Affiliate Directory includes almost 50 NAATP members who provide a service that supports or contributes to the work of NAATP, and its members, toward the goals of addiction service provision.  The NAATP Affiliate Directory provides a convenient and effective way to search for vendors that offer services from Billing and Search Engine Optimization to Consulting and Website Design.

Convening and Training

National Annual Conference: We host our National Addiction Leadership Conference (NAATP National) annually in May as a two-and-a-half-day event to bring together the industry’s top organizations and leaders. This convening offers: 

  • Community and Networking Opportunities
  • Engaging Content and Presenters
  • Marketing Exposure
  • Meaningful Special Events
  • Continuing Education credits through NAADAC

Member and CEO Events: Our Member to Member (M2M) events allow a space for member connection along with an opportunity for the Association to gain feedback about treatment provider challenges and provide collective solutions. Throughout the year we host: 

  • Regional In-person and virtual M2M Roundtables
  • Virtual CEO-to-CEO (C2C) Series
  • Leadership Events
  • Online M2M Forum Discussions

Webinar Series: Our webinars are educational offerings typically offered monthly, with presentations by industry experts on key topics in addiction treatment that offer CE credits. Past webinar content is limited to member-only access.

Volunteer Experiences: The Association offers purpose-driven opportunities to members for involvement, such as: 

  • Ambassador Program
  • State Hill Days
  • Alliance for State Advocacy Leadership Roles
  • Mentorship Initiative
  • Submit Resource, Blog, or Presentation Abstracts

Outcomes Data and Research

The FoRSE Treatment Outcomes Program: The NAATP Foundation for Recovery Science and Education (FoRSE) offers a large-scale, collaborative effort in which your organization can participate. FoRSE collects and analyzes de-identified patient data from diverse systems of care and treatment populations. These outcomes help:

  • Demonstrate the value and legitimacy of addiction treatment
  • Examine the differences in outcomes across all levels and systems of care and patient demographics
  • Influence public opinion and public policy
  • Reduce stigma
  • Increase access to quality care

FoRSE Data Site Listing: All members choosing to participate in the FoRSE outcomes program will receive recognition of their engagement on our website. FoRSE provider participation indicates a dedication to measurement-based care and treatment effectiveness. As a FoRSE data site participant the following products are available: 

  • Annual Summary
  • Site Specific Reporting
  • Data Dashboards

Public Policy Advocacy

Public Policy Statement: NAATP policy advocacy is guided by our mission and values. Our Policy Statement provides guidance on specific key issues and informs policymakers as to sound treatment service positions.

Alliance for State Advocacy (ASA): The purpose of ASA is to bring together, at the local and state level, NAATP members and volunteers to provide training, resources, and to develop a consistent voice on public policy that enhances the access to and quality of addiction treatment services. 

State Advocacy Toolkit: The National Association developed the State Advocacy Toolkit as a means of creating greater engagement and resource sharing on state and local initiatives that further the Association’s Mission and Values. 

Political Action Committee: The NAATP PAC is a venue for NAATP Member Trustees to support members of Congress and political candidates who believe in the importance of addiction treatment. Your participation allows NAATP to maintain a seat at the table as critical decisions are made that impact not only your livelihood, but also the potential well-being of those still suffering from the disease of addiction.

Best Practices

Values: NAATP endorses values-based practice. At a time when all providers do not share these values, it is imperative that NAATP and its members lead the way. The NAATP Core Value and Mission Statement shapes our culture, enriches our relationships, and guides our work. 

Code of Ethics: The NAATP Code of Ethics is an industry guide in which all NAATP members must adhere and to which all providers should aspire. The NAATP Code of Ethics sets forth conduct requirements in the areas of Management, Facilities, Marketing, and Treatment. NAATP and its members hold ourselves accountable by enforcement of the Code of Ethics in our NAATP Ethical Violation Policy and Procedure.

Quality Assurance: The NAATP Quality Assurance Guidebook is a comprehensive program that includes a provider Guidebook designed to promote best practice through a series of detailed guidelines ranging from membership requirements to operational recommendations and quality implementation resources.

  • Promote best business practice
  • Deter problematic business practice
  • Inform law and policy maker
  • Educate and protect the consumer
  • Train the provider

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB): NAATP is a voice for justice and change in our industry. To do this in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and belonging we recognize a need for a process of self-exploration, education, and partnership. We have developed resources for members to address the impact of systemic racism and other forms of discrimination  on addiction treatment and recovery such as: 

  • Stages of Change Model and Organizational Assessment Tool
  • DEIB Staff Assessment Tool
  • Colors of Recovery Podcast & Videos


Salary Survey: Our surveys and data collection are valuable tools designed to help providers with workforce, reimbursement, and outcome related issues. 

  • Salary Survey (biennial)
  • Benchmark Survey (biennial)

Communications: NAATP strives to update members on important changes within The Association and the field and apprised of national legislative developments through: 

  • CEO Messages to Members
  • The Association Blog
  • Public Policy Updates (PPU)
  • NAATP Insights
  • NAATP News and Updates
  • Member Making News

Resource Center: NAATP has an extensive resource center covering clinical and operational topics. Look through and submit materials on industry research, published articles, conference presentations, and archived webinars.

Job Center: Use our Job Center to search for qualified staff in the addiction treatment field or members can post a job opening within your organization for free.

Additional Resources: NAATP provides other member-only benefits in addition to those outlined in more detail throughout this page such as:

  • Member Discounts for NAATP National Registration and Exhibit Booths
  • Industry Event Calendar
  • Members Making News and Event Posts
  • Annual Subscription to Alcohol and Drug Abuse Weekly (ADAW)
  • Scholarships at the Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies
  • Employee Retirement 401(k) Benefit Plan

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