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Member Benefits


member benefits

NAATP member voices are diverse and strong. We proudly offer member benefits that enhance your ability to provide high-quality evidence-based services and support you in becoming a successful and profitable addiction treatment leader. Download our Member Information for an overview of NAATP Member Benefits.

Convening and Training

Annual Leadership Conference: The National Addiction Leadership Conference remains unique and critically important as the leading educational and networking event within the addiction treatment field. Members receive discounts on attending and exhibiting at the national conference. 

Resource Center: Search through our complete list of Clinical Resources and Operational Resources which include access to past NAATP Webinars, Conference Materials, and more. 

Consumer Confidence

Public Directory Listing: Membership in NAATP improves your visibility and bottom line. As a member who agrees to abide by the NAATP Code of Ethics regarding marketing and service delivery, you will be listed in our searchable Addiction Industry Directory (AID) which serves as a comprehensive source of addiction service providers and supporters.

Member Seal: We encourage you to display your membership in NAATP on your website along with your other industry accolades as a consumer confidence piece. Upon membership approval, you will receive the official high-resolution NAATP Member Seal.

Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Optimization: NAATP members gain a place in our searchable Membership Directory. Inclusion in the directory provides an SEO boost in the form of a relevant, high-authority link, along with increased public visibility. In an industry as competitive as addiction treatment, authoritative backlinks are essential for your digital marketing. Read more information about the NAATP Directory Search Engine Optimization

Networking and Communication

Regional Meetings: Treatment providers are in this work together. By connecting, discussing, giving, and taking, we improve all our work. Your relationships with your colleagues in the addiction industry will serve you and your organization well, which is why we created NAATP Member Roundtables, regional events held throughout the year for organizations to learn about membership services, membership benefits, and have an opportunity to collaborate with addiction treatment professionals in your area.

Member-Only Forum: Another way to connect with other NAATP Members is through The Member to Member Forum (M2M). M2M is a member-only tool that allows for meaningful information exchange between treatment center professionals the facilitates discussion and links users to related clinical and operational NAATP Resource Center materials.

NAATP strives to keep you updated on important changes within The Association and the field, and apprised of national legislative developments. Look out for the following communications:

  • The Association Blog
  • All Ear's on Addiction, An NAATP Podcast
  • CEO Message
  • NAATP Insights
  • NAATP News
  • Member News
  • Public Policy Updates
  • Special Membership Updates


Code of Ethics: NAATP provides critical guidance toward strong ethical and professional practice in our industry through the NAATP Code of Ethics, which NAATP treatment providers agree to abide by. The NAATP Ethics Complaint Policy and Procedure provides a mechanism to hold ourselves and each other accountable.

Ethical Guidance: NAATP also launched a Quality Assurance Initiative to raise the floor in addiction treatment ethics, with its centerpiece being The Addiction Treatment Provider Quality Assurance GuidebookThe Guidebook identifies and provides an implementation strategy for the core competencies of addiction treatment program operation, thereby empowering addiction treatment providers with clear direction for the proficient and ethical delivery of addiction treatment services.

Policy Advocacy

Public Policy Voice: NAATP represents the addiction provider constituency in Congress and throughout the policy-making community, through our Washington DC-based Policy Representative and NAATP-PAC (Political Action Committee).

NAATP is also a voice at the table with colleague organizations:

Outcomes Measures and Surveys

Outcomes: The NAATP pioneering addiction treatment Outcomes Pilot Program (OPP) was launched in 2016. The program was designed to test a method and produce a standardized, uniform, and replicable methodology for outcomes tracking those NAATP treatment providers could implement. The project was a success and produced the Outcomes Measurement Toolkit and The Outcomes Measures Program (OMP).

Salary Survey: The National Addiction Industry Salary Survey helps our national treatment provider community create fair compensation packages, recruit and keep competent staff, and manage the budget. All members that participate will receive a complimentary copy of the completed report.

Additional Benefits

Career Listings: Use our Job Center to help you find qualified staff in the addiction treatment field or members can post a job opening within your organization for free.

Employee Retirement 401(k) Benefit Plan: NAATP has partnered with well-known retirement industry providers to offer the NAATP Retirement Solution. This member benefit is a solution that can allow your treatment center to offer a retirement plan to your employees, while reducing administrative burden, transferring fiduciary risks, and reducing costs.

Member Association Discounts: Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies and NAATP have partnered to provide 20% off a graduate degree (up to a total of $10,000), or $500 off three-credit courses at the Graduate School of Addiction Studies.

ADAW Subscription: Annual Subscription to Alcohol and Drug Abuse Weekly (ADAW) is an important weekly online publication covering topics in the field. Members must opt-in for this subscription.

Member Making News: Share member news on the NAATP website. Add your events and training opportunities to our Events Calendar and use it to find relevant training for both you and your staff.

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