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The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers Political Action Committee (NAATP PAC) was formed in 2008 to help support and elect political candidates who understand and support the legislative and regulatory concerns that affect your organization and our association representing addiction treatment providers.

Pledge Your Support

The Power of a Collective Voice

As the business of addiction treatment has become increasingly scrutinized, it is important that the concerns of NAATP and its member organizations are heard and heard clearly. 

The NAATP PAC contributions do more than support candidates who understand our issues; they leverage our individual contributions into a powerful collective voice that demonstrates the strength of NAATP.

Who Is Allowed to Participate?

Salaried employees of NAATP member organizations may contribute to the NAATP PAC, but are precluded from participating via payroll deduction. No contribution is too small and members may contribute up to $5000 annually. Only personal contributions are allowed under federal law.

Participation and support are strictly voluntary. Neither the choice to participate nor the amount of your contributions will have any effect on your position or advancement in a NAATP member organization.

The Right Candidate

NAATP PAC was formed to allow NAATP member trustees to support members of Congress or candidates who believe in the importance of addiction treatment. Your participation allows NAATP to maintain a seat at the table as critical decisions are made that impact not only your livelihood but also the potential well-being of those still suffering from the disease of addiction.

NAATP PAC is governed by a steering committee that evaluates addiction treatment-oriented candidates who have demonstrated they understand the importance of addiction treatment and understand the disease of addiction. Preference is always given to:

  • Candidates recommended by NAATP PAC members
  • Candidates from districts where NAATP member organizations live and work
  • Candidates who need political and financial support and have the potential to be elected
  • Candidates with supportive voting records and positions on key issues of direct concern to NAATP and its member organizations

Reporting Requirements

NAATP PAC adheres to government reporting requirements, including periodic and annual reports filed with the Federal Election Commission. Names, addresses, and occupations of all persons who contribute more than $200 in a calendar year to NAATP PAC are included in these reports.

Stay Up to Date

Your participation with NAATP PAC entitles you to a full and timely accounting of candidate contributions. You will receive periodic updates and annual reports that provide information about the NAATP PAC and a listing of all candidates receiving support, with the amount received.

We believe that nothing will more directly improve our collective circumstances than our continued participation in the public policy debate. NAATP PAC helps make that possible. 100% of what you contribute goes directly to candidates. NAATP pays all administrative fees of the PAC.