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Code of Ethics

The NAATP Code of Ethics is a guide for conduct to which all NAATP members must adhere and to which all providers should aspire. The NAATP Code of Ethics sets forth conduct requirements in the areas of Management, Facilities, Marketing, and Treatment. NAATP and its members hold ourselves accountable by enforcement of the Code of Ethics in our NAATP Ethics Complaint Violation Policy and Procedure.

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Ethics Complaint Process

To ensure that NAATP members adhere to the NAATP Code of Ethics, NAATP has created a complaint process that may be utilized to review the ethical conduct of NAATP members. Learn more about the Ethics Complaint Process, including the Policy & Procedure and Complaint Form. 

Ethics Complaint Process

Report Misleading Marketing Practices

This form is for NAATP to track misleading marketing practices primarily from LegitScript Certified entities that do not follow LegitScript Standards for Addiction Treatment Certification

Submit Marketing Concern

Member Ethics Requirement

NAATP membership is a privilege. NAATP requires that all members adhere to our Membership Conditions and the NAATP Code of Ethics. During the application and renewal process, members attest that they have read, understand, and agree to adhere to each of these. Members must further agree that a failure to adhere, as determined at the sole discretion of NAATP, will result in disciplinary action by NAATP that may include: denial of the membership application, corrective action by the member, or revocation of membership. 

Quality Assurance

The NAATP Quality Assurance Initiative (QAI) is a comprehensive program that includes the production of a provider Guidebook, designed to promote best practice through a series of detailed guidelines ranging from membership requirement do’s and don’ts to operational recommendations and quality implementation resources. The QAI is intended to:

  • Promote best business practice
  • Deter problematic business practice
  • Inform payers and policymakers
  • Educate and protect the consumer
  • Train the provider

The centerpiece of the QAI is the publication, The Addiction Treatment Provider Quality Assurance Guidebook: A Guide to the Core Competencies for the Delivery of Addiction Treatment Services (The Guidebook), which identifies and provides implementation strategy for the core competencies of addiction treatment program operation.