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Mission, Vision, & Values


Provide leadership, advocacy, training, and member support services to ensure the equitable availability and highest quality of addiction treatment.


Recovery for All. 


These core values that shape our culture, enrich our relationships, and guide our work

  • Humility & Authenticity: Humility is at the core of recovery and the treatment that leads to recovery. Humility is the condition of right-sized honest perspective and accuracy in all things.
  • Justice: We invite the diverse experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds of all our stakeholders. We actively promote diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and meaningful representation within the organization, in communities we serve, and through access to culturally competent treatment.
  • Advocacy: We are champions for recovery and leaders in expanding access to quality addiction treatment.
  • Integrity: We maintain the highest personal and institutional standards for honesty, openness, and ethical practices.
  • Community & Collaboration: We achieve more together through shared vision, trusted relationships, good will, and cooperative action than any of us can on our own. We believe in a sum greater than its parts.
  • Evidence: We recognize science and objective truth. The principle of EB (evidenced by) is the core of our beliefs and actions.
  • Innovation: Evolution of thought and action is a core principle. We sustain and grow, never standing still. 
  • Proficiency & Professionalism: Beyond competence, we are committed to excellence and achieving the highest standards of our work.

Strategic Plan

This strategic plan describes the mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) for the four-year period 2022 through 2025. It will guide the operation of the association in our 43rd through 46th years of operation.

Read NAATP’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan

Past Strategic Plans

Public Policy Statement

NAATP values a comprehensive model of care that addresses the medical, bio-psycho-social, and spiritual needs of individuals and families impacted by the disease of addiction. To learn more about the Association's positions on treatment methods, outcomes, research, and education as it relates to issues of law, policy, funding, and regulation that impact the delivery of addiction treatment, reference our Public Policy Statement. The policy positions articulated in this document help fulfill the NAATP mission.

Read Public Policy Statement

How We Achieve Our Mission

As a professional society, NAATP works to achieve our mission and realize our vision by offering guidance and leadership to the our members and our industry. We serve our members through key programs including Public Policy Advocacy, Training and Education, The Resource Center, Member Convening, and The Addiction Industry Directory (AID) and more. NAATP provides value to its members through: