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Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Jay Crosson

Chair Cumberland Heights Chief Executive Officer

Jaime Vinck

Vice Chair Recovery Ways Chief Executive Officer

Rick Hubbard

Treasurer Constellation Behavioral Health Executive Vice President

Greg Hobelmann

Secretary Ashley Addiction Treatment Co-Chief Executive Officer and President

Bob Ferguson

Past Chair Jaywalker Lodge Founder

Board Members

Paul Alexander

Northbound Treatment Services Chief Executive Officer

Rich Appert

Acadia Healthcare Division President

Sam Bierman

Maryland Addiction Recovery Center Chief Executive Officer

John Driscoll

Caron Treatment Centers Chief Executive Officer

Jim Geckler

Onsite Chief Operations Officer

Dave Gomel

Rosecrance Health Network President & Chief Executive Officer

Brittany Harris

Cirque Lodge Executive Director

Joel Johnson

TASC President & Chief Executive Officer

Carl Kester

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers President & Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Lee

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation President & Chief Executive Officer

Scott Munson

Sundown M Ranch Executive Director

Charles Odell

Dilworth Center President & Chief Executive Officer

Cathy Palm

Tully Hill Treatment & Recovery Executive Director

Phil Rutherford

National Council for Mental Wellbeing Strategy Lead for Substance Use

Kelly Scaggs

Fellowship Hall President & Chief Executive Officer

Christina Simos

Friendly House Executive Director

Art VanDivier

La Hacienda Treatment Center Executive Director

James Witteck

Sycamore Behavioral Health Chief Executive Officer

The NAATP Board of Directors serves as the association's governing body providing oversight and vision for the association. Board members serve without compensation as association volunteers. Board members further support the organization by assuming their NAATP related expenses and supporting NAATP activities as sponsors.

The NAATP Board is comprised of 22 – 25 members of which 20 must be chief staff executives (CEO, President, Executive Director) of an addiction treatment provider. Board members serve three-year terms and may be eligible for additional terms. Elections are held each March. 

NAATP Board members are elected by the NAATP Provider Members from a slate of candidates presented by the NAATP Nominations Committee. Candidates are considered for service based on their education, training, experience, expertise, and understanding of the NAATP mission and values.

Interested individuals may be considered for service on the NAATP Board by completing the application below and submitting therewith a Letter of Interest (not to exceed two pages and a Curriculum Vitae or Resume. Please send all completed information to

Application for NAATP Board of Directors

NAATP Committees

NAATP has five standing committees, one special standing committee, and rotating ad-hoc advisory committees. The majority of our standing committees consist of board members only. Nominations and Elections, Membership, and Conference Committees include limited non-board member seats. Interested individuals may be considered for committee work by submitting a Letter of Interest and a Resume to but please understand the finite availability of seats. 

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