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Consider Treatment Quality

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Choosing an appropriate treatment provider may feel like a daunting task, especially when already facing the many challenges associated with a substance use disorder (SUD). The resources on this page are intended to help those in need of treatment and their family recognize the markers of high-quality care. 

In 2019, 9.8 million US adults had both SUD and a mental illness, but 66.6% of them received treatment for only 1 condition.

The NAATP Treatment Selection Guide

In order to assist individuals and/or loved ones searching for appropriate treatment, we have created a guide for what to look for & important questions to ask in the process of seeking addiction treatment.
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Industry Accreditations & Licensing

Reputable facilities who demonstrate continued dedication to improved outcomes and patient care earn accolades and are apart of associations that signify this. Accreditations, licenses, and affiliations serve as indicators of treatment center quality.
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Addiction Professional Credentialing

Access to quality treatment is vital, but it can be challenging to identify which healthcare professionals have the necessary qualifications. For this reason, we have compiled a list of a few of the credentials to look for when selecting a behavioral health treatment provider.
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