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Trailblazers Honored in Addiction Treatment Services with Leadership Awards

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) announces the recipients of the 2024 awards for leadership achievement in the field of addiction treatment services. NAATP gives the awards annually to honor exemplary achievements, promote addiction awareness, and encourage the pursuit of excellence.


Nelson Bradley Career Achievement Award

John Curtiss

The Nelson Bradley Career Achievement Award is given to John Curtiss, who has served as a visionary and national leader and mentor in the addiction and trauma fields for over four decades. The award recognizes career achievements of individuals who have made significant contributions to modern addiction treatment over the span of a career. Curtiss's career underscores a steadfast dedication to enhancing addiction treatment services. Notably, his pivotal role in designing The Retreat model—a non-clinical, mutual-help approach grounded in the spiritual principles of AA—exemplifies his visionary leadership and transformative impact within the field. Prior to his tenure at The Retreat, Curtiss served in various capacities at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, accruing over 19 years of experience in leadership positions across the organization.

Dr. Peter Hayden Diversity, Inclusivity, and Racial Equity Award

Andrew Williams

The Dr. Peter Hayden Diversity, Inclusivity, and Racial Equity Award is given to Andrew Williams. This award recognizes champions of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the addiction treatment and recovery field. For over 30 years, Williams has worked at the intersections of cultural anthropology, educational equity leadership, community-based learning, and global education to advance social justice, planetary health, intercultural understanding and health equity. Prior to his arrival at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, Williams served as Assistant Vice-Chancellor at the University of Minnesota Rochester providing strategic leadership for efforts to center access, equity, and public health in the university’s vision of health sciences education. As the organization’s first National Director of DEI, Williams leads the execution of the Foundation’s DEI strategy, including efforts to advance health and recovery equity.

Michael Ford Journalism Award

Neil Scott

The Michael Ford Journalism Award is given to Neil Scott. The award recognizes high standards of journalistic excellence in the awareness, research, writing, and presentations of addiction news that demonstrate the value of and need for addiction treatment. For the last 20 years, Scott has been the long-time producer/host of Recovery - Coast to Coast, the National Podcast, featuring interviews with many prominent people in recovery, including Betty Ford, Judy Collins, Buzz Aldrin, Bonnie Raitt, as well as everyday people in long-term recovery. He has been in the field of addiction for close to 50 years. As Executive Director of the National Council on Alcoholism (NCA) in Santa Barbara, CA, he produced the first 18 hour Alcoholism telethon in America, which he co-hosted with Dick Van Dyke in 1976. He also was co-founder and editor of Alcoholism & Addiction Magazine.

Dr. James West Quality Improvement Award

Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services (TPAS)

The Dr. James West Quality Improvement Award is given to TPAS. The award recognizes new and innovative clinical, operational, and systemic advancements that improve the quality and quantity of addiction treatment. Treatment Professionals in Alumni Services (TPAS) originated in 2010 when a call to establish an alumni program sparked a collaborative effort. Passionate alumni & recovery professionals across the nation joined forces, realizing the benefits of shared knowledge in supporting long-term recovery. TPAS evolved into a formal organization, uniting addiction treatment centers, recovery support services, and more. Today, TPAS serves as a hub for innovative solutions, fostering collaboration to enhance recovery outcomes. With a vision to promote dynamic collaboration and prioritize personal wellness, TPAS is dedicated to advocating for exemplary Alumni and Recovery Support Services programs.

Dr. Jasper Chen See Volunteer Leadership Award

Dan Pecora

The Jasper Chen See Volunteer Leadership Award is given to Dan Pecora of Rosecrance Health Network, an NAATP Addiction Treatment Provider Member headquartered out of Rockford, Illinois. The award recognizes individuals who have provided exceptional volunteer leadership primarily through board service and philanthropy. Since his initial election to the Rosecrance Health Network and Rosecrance Inc. boards in August 2008, Pecora has held pivotal roles, including Chair of the Rosecrance Health Network Board in 2019. He volunteers and serves many communities through leadership and philanthropy.

Founded in 1978, NAATP is a national professional membership association of addiction treatment providers. Its mission is to provide leadership, advocacy, training, and other membership support services to ensure the equitable availability and highest quality of addiction treatment.

The awards will be presented during NAATP’s 45th National Addiction Leadership Conference on May 19th, at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel at Opening Night at NAATP National 2024. For more information on our annual awards and to view past award recipients visit  NAATP Addiction Leadership Awards.

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