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Opioid Settlement Funds Opportunities

Opioid settlements and ongoing cases continue to be headline news. We believe NAATP members could benefit from the billions of dollars that will enter the system over the next 20 years assuming that money is used for the intended purposes.

It’s important that those funds be directed to reducing the substance use disorder problem. As we learned from the tobacco settlement funds, state legislatures often used those funds for purposes that had nothing to do with smoking abatement. NAATP is advocating policies that prevent that from happening this time. To be successful, we need grassroots involvement. Each state will decide how those funds are allocated. Your participation in that process is important.

This Guide to Opioid Settlement Fund Allocation will provide best practices regarding how the dollars should be spent. Please share it with your state legislators and policymakers.

Here you can find an up-to-date picture of how much your state is receiving from these settlement funds and how transparent is the utilization structure.

These additional funds could have a dramatic impact on treatment availability if used properly. We encourage you to help make that happen by contacting your state legislators and Governor.