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Mailing Address: 8155 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90048, United States
Phone: 310-299-6130
Marketing Contact: Ryan Saliman
Marketing Email:
Marketing Phone: 718-679-3869
Membership Type: Supporter
About This Organization:

OutcomeMD allows you to easily obtain patient reported outcome addiction/mental health assessments in a way patients love, track your patients progress overtime, get notified if a patient is doing poorly, and market yourselves based on the great outcomes the practice obtains.

Mission Statement:

 Not Opinions.

Through our outcome management and marketing platform, OutcomeMD improves the health of your patients and the health of your business.

OutcomeMD empowers healthcare professionals with measurement-based care and outcome-driven decision support to inform precision medicine and best practices.
We enable providers to focus on patient care, not patient catering, and accelerate revenue generation from good patient outcomes.

Year Founded: 2017
Services offered: Intervention
Other services offered:

Visualize patient status and all the factors involved in their care across your entire clinic. OutcomeMD not only makes it simple for patients to report outcomes, but we put them to work by proactively using your patient data to improve your clinic.
Be electively notified when your addiction/Mental-Illness patients are doing poorly or getting worse (which has been shown to improve outcomes).
Ask the perfect questions. Create the perfect E&M note. Auto-documents a robust CC, HPI, ROS and a medical decision making section. Voice-to-text & templating makes it easy to capture the visit, while remaining focused on the patient.
OutcomeMD provides you with improved documentation that helps you justify and defend your level of service.
Following outcomes can help you negotiate better contracts with insurance companies, Medicare and payers.

8155 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles