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Treatment Centers Policies and Communication

*New 2022 Resources*

- Guidance for COVID19 Diagnosed and/or Exposed Healthcare Personnel
- Healthcare Personnel COVID19 Exposure Conventional Risk Algorithm
- Mental Health COVID19 Flyers

Ashley Addiction Treatment

AspenRidge Recovery

C4 Recovery Foundation

Dilworth Center

Futures Recovery Healthcare​

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

High Watch Recovery Center

Jaywalker Lodge/Alpha 180

Mountainside Treatment Center

Northbound Treatment Service


Peak View Behavioral Health

Pinnacle Treatment Centers

Sierra Tucson

Valley Hope

Join the Conversation!

As a professional membership community, NAATP’s greatest resource is its members themselves. We encourage you to support one another and exchange strategies and messages through the NAATP Member to Member communication portal. You will need to be signed in to your provider member account to access the Forum. We encourage members to connect, collaborate, and ask each other questions about how their treatment centers are handling specific situations. Remember to reference the Addiction Industry Directory (AID) for CEO, Marketing, and Admissions direct contact information.


Call to Action

We are collecting and re-posting messaging, policy, and protocol information as a guide for the treatment community at large. If your organization has a set of policies in place that you are willing to share the membership please contact us at We will be updating these resource links as we collect more information.