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Mailing Address: 29982 Ivy Glenn,, Ste 100B, Laguna Niguel, California 92677, United States
Phone: 877-425-5382
Marketing Contact: Paul Bartholomew
Marketing Email:
Marketing Phone: 877-425-5382
Membership Type: Supporter
About This Organization:

Alleva is more than just an EMR. Alleva is changing the way we connect with our clients, their families and each other. Our comprehensive system includes Alleva Connect, the mobile app to keep you connected to your clients during and after care; Alleva Presence, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing for therapists, clients, and families; and Alleva Office, the Apple TV app that keeps your treatment center connected. Additionally, Alleva has time and money-saving features that help keep your center compliant. Schedule a demo today!

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to save and improve the lives of people suffering from mental health and addiction issues. We accomplish this by pushing the boundaries of technology to not only enable medical professionals to spend more time with the patients they serve but to put technology right into the hands of the patient, giving them tools to help them recover. We believe that the future of health care is in creating better connections with our patients, and Alleva is mission-driven to that outcome.

Services offered: EHR/EMR
Other services offered:

We also offer CRM and Business Intelligence products.

29982 Ivy Glenn,
Laguna Niguel