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The Exclusive Addiction Treatment CenterAccredited

Mailing Address: PO Box 1460, Honokaa, Hawaii 96727, United States
Phone: 808-775-0200
CEO: Jean-Francois Benoist
CEO Phone: 808-756-2702
Admissions: Francois Benoist
Admissions Phone: 808-775-0200
Marketing Contact: Nicolette Marais
Marketing Phone: 808-965-1208
About This Organization:

The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center utilizes a unique holistic and non-12 step approach to recovery that is based upon exploration and core-level change of the individual’s self-destructive beliefs. We address the origins of the addiction and empower participants (and staff) to achieve conscious, lasting change in accordance with the individual’s deep values and aspirations.

Our holistic recovery center primarily serve clients who are in need of recovery and continued abstinence from drugs or alcohol. We focus on health and wellness, along with counseling and support to provide clients with the self-awareness and skills to overcome self-destructive beliefs and behaviors for a lifetime. The Exclusive program is also an excellent follow-up for any medically supervised detoxification program.

Our program serves adults from 18 years of age and upward throughout Hawaii, nationally and internationally. The anticipated length of stay is anywhere from 28 to 90 days depending on the acuity of care needed to rehabilitate the client. While there are currently research studies providing support to the 90 day + length of stay model for successful substance abuse treatment, most of our stays are at the 30 day end of the spectrum. This is because we pre-screen for clients who are higher functioning and are most often seeking to complete their recovery.

We only accept individuals who have either completed hospitalized detoxification and/or are able to commit to remaining alcohol and drug free on entry to the program. The clients we accept have the need for “clinically managed residential detoxification” as defined by The American Society of Addiction Medicine (Level III.2-D). In any case, our primary objective will be to move clients from this phase of detoxification into and through recovery.

Potential clients must also either be free of chronic medical or psychiatric conditions or have chronic medical or psychiatric conditions that are stable with or without medication as verified by their treating physician. We will also offer six-month outpatient aftercare to assist and support the client in continuing being drug and alcohol free while putting skills and new beliefs into practice in everyday life.

Mission Statement:

To provide and deliver an innovative drug and alcohol dependence recovery program that helps clients build a life free from self-destructive beliefs and behaviors. To provide clients with the skills to live beyond addictions and discover the type of life satisfaction that prevents relapse and fosters positive growth.

Licensed: Yes
Licensing body:

State of Hawaii Department of Health

Accreditation: Other
Other Accreditation:

The State of Hawaii Department of Health, Alcohol & Drug Abuse Devision

Year Founded: 2011
Levels of Treatment Care: After Care, Intervention, Primary Residential
Specialty Programs: Alcohol/Drug Addiction, Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occuring, Eating Disorders, EMDR, Family Program, Holistic, Medication Management, Professionals, Trauma/PTSD
Length of Stay: 30+ days
Number of Beds: Up to 10
Payments Accepted: Private/Self Pay
Payment Assistance Available: Yes