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Outcomes Measures & Surveys

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The Outcomes Measurement Toolkit and Final Report

NAATP's three-year Outcomes Pilot Program (OPP) was a major undertaking wherein eight NAATP addiction treatment provider pilot sites participated in a rigorous and uniform outcomes measurement process. The program was designed to test a method and produce a standardized, uniform, and replicable methodology for outcomes tracking that NAATP treatment providers could implement. The project was a success and produced the Outcomes Measurement Toolkit: The Addiction Treatment Provider Guide to Standardized Outcomes Measurement.

Outcomes Measurement Toolkit

The purpose of the Outcomes Toolkit is to close the research gap with standardized data, tools, and processes, and to demonstrate the long-term impact of Substance Use Disorder services across providers. Through widespread use, we believe the Outcomes Toolkit will lead to common data collected across providers on participants, services, and outcomes that will support additional research, improve understanding of effective practices, and increase the ability to promote the value of treatment provider services.

Pilot Program Final Report

A secondary goal of the OPP was to examine the relationship between treatment and short- and long-term outcomes for patients using the data collected through the OPP. The results of this data exploration are contained in a second document, the Addiction Treatment Providers Outcomes Pilot Program Final Report

NAATP treatment providers interested in more information and in implementing the Toolkit at their centers may contact NAATP at with the subject line “Outcomes Toolkit Implementation” or contact the OMNI Institute at and refer to NAATP Outcomes Toolkit Implementation.

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The Outcomes and Measures Program

NAATP launched its Outcomes and Measures Program (OMP) in 2019, convening a National Advisory Board of addiction treatment, research, and policy experts. NAATP assembled the team to advise the National Association in the identification of next steps in the area of addiction treatment outcomes and measures work, as a follow-up to the Outcomes Pilot Program that laid the groundwork and produced the Addiction Treatment Outcomes Measurement Toolkit and Final Report.

The OMP objectives are to identify and produce both research and practical tools to improve treatment operation quality through the study and implementation of proximal and distal measures, strategies for continuous quality improvement, and enhanced outcomes.

Salary Survey

NAATP Has just opened the data collection period for our 2020 National Addiction Industry Salary Survey! The Salary Survey helps our national treatment provider community create fair compensation packages, recruit and keep competent staff, and manage the budget. The 2020 collection period will run from April 1st through August 14th, 2020. All members that participate will receive a complimentary copy of the completed report. The report will be available to non-participating members for $1,000. All members have been sent a unique link to complete the survey. If you have not received a link, please email  

The survey is completed on a bi-annual basis. Previous salary surveys from 2008 - 2018 are offered complimentary to all NAATP members. Log in to review our previous years' surveys.

The 2018 National Addiction Industry Salary Survey was released in September 2018 and is now available. The 2018 survey is complimentary only to participating members and is available for purchase to non-participating members for $1,000 and non-members for $2,500.

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