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2022 Award Recipients Announced

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 awards for leadership achievement in the field of addiction treatment services. NAATP gives these awards annually to honor exemplary achievements, promote addiction awareness, and encourage the pursuit of best practices. These awards will be presented at the Opening Night Awards Banquet at NAATP National 2022 on Saturday, May 7, 2022. 


Nelson Bradley Career Achievement Award

Mike Schiks, Project Turnabout Addiction Recovery Center

The Nelson Bradley Career Achievement Award is given to Mike Schiks, who recently retired after a 40-year career with 25 years at Hazelden Foundation and 14 years as CEO with Project Turnabout. The award recognizes the career achievements of individuals who have made significant contributions to modern addiction treatment. Mike is a tireless advocate embodying leadership, wisdom, and respect. He has made lasting contributions through his genuine compassion and uncompromising focus on those in the treatment process. Throughout his career, Mike represented the field as a principal partner in Minnesota Model Consulting and in multiple board and leadership positions with both state and national organizations.

Dr. Peter Hayden Diversity, Inclusivity, and Racial Equity Award

White Bison

The Dr. Peter Hayden Diversity, Inclusivity, and Racial Equity Award is given to White Bison, a Native American-operated nonprofit dedicated to creating and sustaining the grassroots Wellbriety Movement. This award recognizes champions of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in the addiction treatment and recovery field. For over 30 years, Don Coyhis and White Bison have provided culturally based healing to the next seven generations of Indigenous People, along with youth prevention and healing from unresolved grief and traumatic loss due to intergenerational trauma. The impact of White Bison runs deep through technical assistance for national policy organizations such as ONDCP and SAMHSA. Their programs are based on the values found in the Teachings of the Native American Elders and of the 12 Step program, holding a return to the Native American culture as key to the recovery and wellness of families and communities.

Michael Ford Journalism Award

Congresswoman Madeleine Dean & Harry Cunnane

The Michael Ford Journalism Award is given to Congresswoman Madeleine Dean and Harry Cunnane. The award recognizes high standards of journalistic excellence in the awareness, research, writing, and presentations of addiction news that demonstrate the value of and need for addiction treatment. Madeleine and Harry’s co-authoring of the book “Under Our Roof”, is a very personal account of their family’s journey to recovery. As the opioid crisis continues to propagate throughout our nation, their book teaches us about finding home amid tragedy and has been described as a ray of hope in the darkness. 

Dr. James West Quality Improvement Award

The Research Institute at Cumberland Heights Foundation

The Dr. James West Quality Improvement Award is given to The Research Institute at Cumberland Heights Foundation. The award recognizes new and innovative clinical, operational, and systemic advancements that improve the quality and quantity of addiction treatment. The Research Institute invested in data science, leveraged technology accelerants, and has analyzed and disseminated research initiatives over the past four years. Throughout this process, they embraced a responsibility to examine treatment practices, demonstrate accountability and transparency in quality of care, and use data to improve both patient relationships and strategic partnerships that bridge the gap between recovery science and practice. The Institute’s work has pushed measurement-based care and collaborative outcomes research forward and created a model for a national standardized measurement system. Their collaboration and willingness to share tools and resources has been invaluable to the evolution of the NAATP Foundation for Recovery Science and Education (FoRSE).

Dr. Jasper Chen See Volunteer Leadership Award

Ruth Ann Rigby

The Dr. Jasper Chen See Volunteer Leadership Award is given to Ruth Ann Rigby. The award recognizes individuals who have provided exceptional volunteer leadership in addiction treatment through board membership and philanthropy. Mrs. Rigby is extraordinarily prominent throughout the industry tirelessly volunteering at conferences and as a mentor for countless young professionals. As the Founder and a Board Member for the First Responders of Mississippi, she works unwaveringly to help families in times of need. Ruth Ann continually is one that shows up and her advocacy for recovery has been labeled as legendary.

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