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Life Healing Center Accredited

Life Healing Center
Mailing Address: 25 Vista Point Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508, United States
Phone: 844-211-8567
Facility Of: Acadia Healthcare
Membership Type: Provider
About This Organization:

For over 20 years, Life Healing Center has provided a safe, serene, and supportive environment for individuals who are seeking recovery from psychiatric disorders, trauma, and substance abuse. By providing a therapeutic environment where individuals are treated with understanding, compassion, and respect, Life Healing Center is proud to be a place of lasting healing and personal transformation.

Mission Statement:

For each individual we treat, we strive to provide the most effective care possible; care that fosters internal growth, personal transformation, and life-long recovery.

Licensing Body:

The state of New Mexico does not license residential treatment

Accrediting Body: CARF
Treatment Type: Inpatient Detox, Residential
Specialty: Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Mental Health, Trauma/PTSD
Number of Beds: 25-49 Beds
Year Founded: 1993
25 Vista Point Road
Santa Fe
New Mexico