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Hatch Compliance, Inc.

Hatch Compliance, Inc.
Mailing Address: 7520 E. Independence Blvd, Suite 200, Charlotte, North Carolina 28227, United States
Phone: 919-802-4803
Marketing Contact: Mike Lifshotz
Marketing Email:
Marketing Phone: 919-802-4803
Membership Type: Affiliate
About This Organization:

Hatch is a Behavioral Healthcare specific software system that manages all aspects of Compliance and Operations in one cloud based solution. We also offer a complete range of outsourced Compliance and Operations consulting services, ranging from initial accreditation to monthly management of your Human Resources and/ or Environment of Care.

Hatch Compliance provides a complete system with all the tools needed to achieve and maintain licensure through State, Joint Commission and CARF accrediting bodies.

Hatch provides complete oversight of required employee documentation, training, policies and supporting evidence that you're following those policies. Hatch is the only all inclusive Compliance and Operations system designed for the Behavioral Healthcare industry. You can manage all your information in one place, with one software system.

Automated notifications ensure that you don't miss any required documentation, audits, or renewals. Includes task assigning capabilities and internal communications platform.

Hatch is billed on a per user basis, as a subscription service, with no long term contract required.

Mission Statement:

Hatch Compliance, Inc. is dedicated to managing and simplifying the complexity of compliance through our robust SAAS suite and Learning Management System.

Year Founded: 2018
Vendor Services: Advocacy, Consulting, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting, Human Resource Management, Research, Security, Software Provider, Strategic Planning, Training & Education, Other
Other services offered:

Compliance Management Software, Learning Management System, Policy Creation and Management System

7520 E. Independence Blvd
North Carolina

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