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Wellbrook Consulting Group

Wellbrook Consulting Group
Mailing Address: 105 39th Drive, Vero Beach, Florida 32968, United States
Phone: 800-229-5201
Marketing Contact: James F. Witteck
Marketing Phone: 800-229-5201
Membership Type: Affiliate
About This Organization:

At Wellbrook Consulting Group, our many years of experience in the US and abroad has taught us that the vast majority of treatment providers are passionate about serving their patients. They want to provide the very best care possible for the individuals and their families who have entrusted their recovery to their treatment services. They want their patients to be safe.
Providers also want to know that their business is secure, compliant and robust and that they are working within a circle of safety, and that their activities are recognized by the best accrediting organizations and licensed within the state in which they operate. The accreditation process does not need to be a nightmare of anxiety and confusion. In fact, when supported by J and J Consulting Group, that process can act as a catalyst for improvement in every area. It should involve and enhance all employees affected by the process and lead to greatly improved outcomes. It will be collaborative, enriching and maybe even fun. We will work directly with leaders, managers and ancillary services providers to ensure that they understand the accreditation process and that they are confident to be interviewed on the day of the survey. If needed, we will be on site for your survey and stay close to the process to prepare any post-survey responses and recommendations. We shall also work closely with our clients to ensure that they have all the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance. It is our experience that many organizations are already compliant and thorough in many areas, such as clinical services, medical charting, environment of care, quality assurance, HR and patient rights but often are not able to sufficiently demonstrate such compliance, or fall down in only one specific, but crucial area. We therefore begin the accreditation process by studying all areas of your organization to identify where our efforts need to be directed to ensure accreditation.

Mission Statement:

Working with our partners to navigate the complex waters of the mental health and addiction field.

Year Founded: 2018
Vendor Services: Consulting
Other services offered:

Licensing and Accreditation Nationwide
Operational Risk Management
Forward Planning
Feasibility Assessment
Policy and Procedure Manuals
Root Cause Analysis
Corrective Action Plans
Leadership and Training

105 39th Drive
Vero Beach