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Addiction Directory SEO Information

NAATP’s Addiction Industry Directory (AID) serves as a comprehensive source of credible addiction service providers and supporters. All NAATP members who are considered in good standing are listed in the directory. To be eligible for inclusion, organizations must provide proof of licensure, accreditation, and an agreement to NAATP’s Code of Ethics.

Motivated Visitors

The NAATP Addiction Industry Directory is one of the most established treatment directories in the country. With nearly twenty thousand page views per month, interested members of the public are able to browse a complete list of vetted treatment providers. Instead of routing clients to call centers or other services, NAATP’s Addiction Industry Directory cultivates trust and transparency by connecting them directly with the service provider itself.

Conversion Potential

Through a combination of high-quality content and SEO best practices, NAATP’s Addiction Industry Directory has become one of the highest-ranking tools of its kind. A Google search for “addiction directory” and similar phrases lead potential clients to the NAATP website. This prestigious placement results in a flood of visitors seeking the right treatment center for themselves or a loved one. Today, the Addiction Industry Directory is considered a significant referral source for treatment centers.

An Authoritative Link

The benefits of the Addiction Industry Directory extend far beyond client referrals. Inclusion in the directory provides an SEO boost in the form of a relevant, high-authority link. In an industry as competitive as addiction treatment, authoritative backlinks are essential for your digital marketing.

A Positive Impact on the Industry

The Addiction Industry Directory represents something larger than a list of treatment centers – it serves as an authoritative online representation of the ethical mission of NAATP and its affiliates. The rigorous ethical standards that serve as a prerequisite to inclusion on the AID allow consumers, payers, and industry professionals to use the directory with the confidence that the organizations listed therein are committed to the provision of reliable, proficient, and ethical addiction treatment services.

Not only does the directory help its members; the members help the directory. Through their inclusion in our archives, distinguished members effectively “vouch for” the credibility of the Addiction Industry Directory and reinforce NAATP’s mission to advance the addiction treatment field. In so doing, they ensure the continued high ranking of the service in search results, pushing other, possibly pseudo directories further down in search results.

Add Your Listing to the Addiction Industry Directory

The AID is the first of its kind: a vetted and informative addiction directory founded on principled ethical values. If you would like to be a part of the Addiction Industry Directory, consider applying for NAATP membership.