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Technology Partners

These visionary technology companies have partnered with FoRSE by creating the essential connection to our database for their customers, without additional charge to Providers or to FoRSE. This “plug in” allows the Provider to share de-identified data through the FoRSE Application Programming Interface (API) to our Clinical Data Repository. These strategic collaborators allow providers of treatment and recovery services to efficiently participate in FoRSE, and we applaud their contribution toward the advancement of recovery science.

Petree Consulting, Inc. (PCI) was contracted by FoRSE to create the Clinical Data Repository. PCI provides survey-based outcomes research and client progress monitoring tools and services.  Our software, called The Remote Research Director Dashboard (R2D2), was designed to serve two primary functions: collect survey data and report results. 

Using R2D2 is the easiest way for providers to contribute to the FoRSE database as it is integrated with several electronic health record systems. Client information passes from the EHR to R2D2 and then to FoRSE via API. With R2D2, surveys are disseminated through an automated system, and data are de-identified and added to the FoRSE database automatically.  Other available services include critical item alerts, monthly executive reports and push-button graphing.

Believing in the value of collaborative science, treatment quality, and customer service, Kipu is the first electronic health record company that connected to FoRSE. 

From electronic health records to patient engagement and billing, Kipu’s cloud-based solutions have been developed specifically to meet the needs of addiction treatment, and mental health professionals. 



Alleva is an EMR platform, comprised of a talented group of individuals dedicated to providing world-class software to the behavioral health industry. Our team includes licensed therapists, industry professionals and experienced software developers who are passionate about helping the helpers.

AMNet uses PsychPRO, the American Psychiatric Association’s national mental health registry that includes clinician and patient portals. Through PsychPRO, AMNet gathers and evaluates data from patients who are receiving substance use disorder treatment. These data can be used by providers and practices to review patient progress, to track outcomes, and to inform quality improvement efforts. In addition, AMNet can serve as a research platform to address the opioid epidemic.


At BehaveHealth we're spending our days tackling some of society’s most pressing issues, addiction and mental health, and building the best operating platform for behavioral health treatment centers. Our mission is to make behavioral health accessible for everyone – by helping our customers effortlessly run their treatment facilities, we empower them to focus their time on caring for their patients' instead of endless paperwork. We create opportunities for them to grow and help more patients. has the best software platform for behavioral health providers.  We simplify and streamline your treatment center operations and revenue cycle performance, saving you time and money. offers all the tools you need to manage your sober living home, recovery residence, halfway house or transitional housing operations.

Behaivior is on a mission to democratize addiction and mental health recovery using AI, behavioral health technology, and wearables for crisis aversion and mental health support. We help people stay on track with their recovery process by providing the right intervention at the right time, in real-time. We help care providers better serve their clients, and employers better serve their employees.

Behaivior's Recovery is a toolbox at your fingertips. Healthcare providers can know in advance when individuals are in a high-risk state and vulnerable to a crisis event, including use or return to use. Behaivior uses advanced AI behavioral health technology and wearables to collect biometrics, provide proactive interventions, and more to help individuals be successful in their recovery. Patients/clients can access digital interventions and choose to alert their care providers and support networks of high-probability risk events.


For almost 20 years, BestNotes has served the addiction treatment industry. We are proud to partner with NAATP to give our customers access to NAATP’s FoRSE treatment outcomes program. BestNotes users have access to our growing library of instruments, along with the battery of FoRSE suggested instruments. Users can send the surveys automatically through email, kiosk/iPad, and electronically capture survey results. Users will receive unlimited training and support. 


Blueprint is a technology company that helps behavioral health providers measure outcomes and deliver data-driven care. Through its suite of patient-facing applications, Blueprint automatically administers evidence-based assessments to patients before, during, and after treatment. Blueprint surfaces up clinical insights from these assessments at the point of care to help providers make smarter more informed treatment decisions.


CaredFor works with 250+ programs and provides a patient engagement platform to help behavioral health organizations build long lasting relationships and extend the care continuum. Our platform combines community, content and clinical tools to help programs stay top of mind and identify patients and alumni who need additional support and resources. Building relationships and providing support helps improve outcomes, reduces attrition and increases referrals. 

Core Solutions is the progressive leader in transforming the health and human services experience for behavioral health providers, clients, and state agencies. Cx360’s consumer-centric interface simplifies the end-to-end experience, delivers integrated care coordination, improves client engagement, and streamlines reimbursement processes.



ERPHealth is an individualized treatment platform (ITP) that provides real-time, clinical outcome tracking. Our enterprise-grade technology platform engages directly with the patient, collecting standardized assessments on a weekly basis used to personalize care, track outcomes, and increase revenue for providers.



Fiveoak is an AI-based workflow automation engine that is designed to help case managers, clinicians, and alumni coordinators stay connected with their clients throughout their entire recovery and healing journey — for life.


Greenspace believes that every person accessing addictions and mental health services should receive high quality care that helps them thrive. Through innovative and intuitive technology, their clinic partners across North America are able to easily implement Measurement-Based Care, improving outcomes for the people they serve. With automated delivery and a selection of 350+ evidence-based assessments, providers can tailor their measurement process to their clients’ specific needs and gather rich insights throughout care. Greenspace has worked with over 480 services organizations that leverage their data and insights to improve client engagement and outcomes, inform treatment planning and service innovations and advocate for increased funding. From individual clinicians to small clinics, hospitals, or entire health systems, their MBC solutions are built to flex to the unique needs and challenges of any workflow.


Lightning Step is an All-in-One solution for behavioral health facilities, integrating CRM, EMR, and RCM systems into one user-friendly platform. Our software removes the pain points of using multiple platforms by putting all the pieces under one single system — for one single price. Lightning Step Technology empowers clinical, marketing, and administrative staff to work more efficiently so that they can spend less time behind a screen and more time supporting those they serve.


Loosid’s newest technology, SAM - Sobriety & Addiction Mentor™, creates a seamless experience once leaving treatment. Through emotional recognition and programmatic touch-points, SAM’s™ interactive 365+ day journey provides treatment facilities full, measurable visibility by integrating a comprehensive backend admin control panel for daily post-care and alumni tracking. Additionally users can create a network of alumni, staff and important contacts on their personalized dashboard, encouraging engagement and retention. Loosid is committed to saving lives by providing ever evolving sober support. Loosid App is a family of 127,000+ members with a first-of-its-kind platform providing those struggling with sobriety the virtual help and 24 hr support they need through our community, relationships, daily tips, extensive content and engagement. 



One Step Software is the #1 software chosen by the best behavioral health companies to manage their patients, track outcomes and engage alumni. Our platform is used by over 1,000+ sober livings, treatment centers, recovery coaches and drug courts. By using our system, our clients have been able to collect and easily analyze outcomes on an individual and aggregate level. Our clients use such data to provide better care, negotiate better rates with payers and seek funding from government agencies.


Pretaa is a behavioral analytics software platform that utilizes wearables for remote patient monitoring to measure long-term treatment outcomes and help provide the right intervention at the right time to those recovering from Substance Use Disorders, Alcohol Use Disorders, or behavioral health concerns. 

Pretaa's machine learning engine and signature algorithms take key biometric information and search for anomalies that suggest a patient is dysregulated and possibly heading towards a relapse, or that a lapse has occurred, and extra support would be beneficial. Caregivers are then notified to help provide early guidance and treatment, getting clients back into treatment and saving lives. In combination with psychometric surveys, an SOS button, and positive reinforcement, Pretaa helps individuals get -- and stay -- in recovery longer.


Measure recovery and treatment program success with the Recovery Capital Index. A Gloo partnership with Recovery Capital Index. 




Ritten is a next-generation EMR designed for behavioral health providers across the continuum of care. The platform enables programs to more easily deliver personalized, data-informed treatment through configurable charting workflows, operational and clinical analytics, and built-in compliance monitoring tools.


Experience the potential of AURA, an enterprise software solution powered by the most powerful workflow engine in behavioral health. AURA is Sigmund Software’s user-friendly and intuitive Electronic Health Record (EHR) software platform. For the last 20 years, this enterprise solution has been developed and refined with the user in mind. Drawing from the insights of former behavioral health professionals on our staff and invaluable feedback from our customers, AURA is precisely calibrated to meet the diverse and varied needs of behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations. Sigmund Software’s mission is to make life easier for users, to leverage modern technology that empowers our customers to be excellent in everything they do. 



Sunwave’s behavioral health platform provides your team a secure, reliable platform to manage all of your patient care from admissions through clinical and revenue recognition. Manage documentation, signatures, medications, telehealth, group notes, and more. Sunwave helps you stay compliant and optimize your treatment plans, giving your patients the best chance of a successful recovery.


Team Recovery Technologies collaborated with over 30 treatment programs to create a mobile app that makes recovery engaging and brings alumni together. The app is inspired by personal experience and led by an experienced group who own multiple full continuum treatment programs. Its unique features include patient and employee-facing interfaces, an intuitive dashboard that streamlines operations, and automated reports for executive and clinical teams that enhance client care and increase authorizations. Additionally, the app comes with a dedicated account manager that ensures a positive experience. What sets Team Recovery apart is their ability to launch and publish your white-labeled custom apps affordably with personal branding on the Google and Apple App stores within six weeks!

Vista Research Group monitors your patients for common co-occurring disorders during treatment, instantly reports the results to your clinicians in easy-to-understand graphs to inform clinical care, and aggregates 50 patient-reported metrics by program, by clinician and by date for performance improvement purposes.  Once patients leave treatment, Vista follows up with your patients one month, six months and twelve months after treatment to generate the success rate data that patients and payers are asking for.