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Vista Research Group

Vista Research Group
Mailing Address: 1330 Cape St. Claire Road,, #656, Annapolis, Maryland 21409, United States
Phone: 800-215-3201
Membership Type: Affiliate
About This Organization:

Vista Research Group's INSIGHT Addiction, INSIGHT Detox, and INSIGHT Behavioral monitor the severity of mental disorders, withdrawal symptoms, cravings and satisfaction with treatment in real time while patients are in treatment, and summarize the results in a comprehensive annual report. Vista's outcomes research, RECOVERY 20/20, follows up with patients after they leave treatment to develop the success rate data programs need to negotiate higher reimbursements rates and attract more private-pay clients.

Mission Statement:

Vista Research Group is where treatment professionals help more patients recover from addiction.

Year Founded: 2015
Vendor Services: Research, Supplier
1330 Cape St. Claire Road,