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Donor Recognition Wall

* designates Founding Donors who successfully raised $1.2 million at the launch of FoRSE.

Champions ($100,000+)

 First City Recovery Center*
 Hubert and Richard Hanlon Trust*
 High Watch Recovery*
 Jaywalker Lodge*
 Patterson Family Foundation*

 The Guest House Ocala*

Benefactors ($75,000+)


Sustainers ($50,000+)

La Hacienda Treatment Center*
Rob and Lindsay Carter* 
Turning Point of Tampa*

Advocates ($25,000+)

Ashley Addiction Treatment*
Caron Treatment Centers*
Cumberland Heights Foundation*
Hanley Foundation*
Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation*

Muir Wood*
Origins Behavioral HealthCare*
The Rose House*
Vinck Family Foundation*

Ambassadors ($10,000+)

Alina Lodge & Haley House*
The Gambrell Foundation*
Levenson Foundation*

Rosecrance Health Network*
Tully Hill Treatment and Recovery*
​Marvin Ventrell and Jessica Swan*

Friends ($1,000+)

Jane Barnes*
Dr. Deni Carise*
Addiction Recovery Consulting*
Bradford Health Services*
Choice House*
The Colorado Health Foundation
Coppersmith Brockelman, PLC*
Dilworth Center*
John Driscoll Family* 
Fellowship Hall *
Philip and Cheryl Eaton* 
Rick and Sylvia Hubbard* 
Imagine Recovery* 
Patrick Kennedy Family*  
Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers* 
Montclair State University
Sherri and Steve Layton* 
Blair Thrush Lele* 
New Directions For Women* 
Northbound Treatment Services*  
NSM Insurance Brokers* 
PaRC Discovery Behavioral Health* 
Pride Institute* 
Dr. Annie Peters* 
Pine Grove Behavioral Health & Addiction Services* 
Pamela Rodriguez* 
James and Darlene Schwartz* 
Sober Escorts, Inc.* 
Sundown M Ranch* 
James F Witteck Consultant* 

Special Thank You to our Founding Donors!

The FoRSE Founders Campaign successfully raised $1.2 million in 2021. This effort allowed us to launch a full-scale operation of the FoRSE National Treatment Outcomes Program. Our Founders Campaign recognizes the founding visionary donors through naming and recognition opportunities commensurate with leadership giving. 

The NAATP Foundation for Recovery Science and Education (FoRSE) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization governed by a board of directors and our Federal Tax ID is EIN 85-2067681.