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New Parity Rules - Member Action Needed!

As mentioned in previous public policy updates, the Biden Administration has proposed new rules that will take huge steps toward enforcing the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act (Parity). This is the most significant advancement toward realizing the promise of the law since it was passed in 2007. You may read the entire proposed rule here: MHPAEA Proposed Rule.

NAATP, in cooperation with other organizations in the substance use disorder and mental health field, is urging all our members to use this online form to make comments provided. It’s important the Administration receive as many supportive messages as possible.

This link is being used by numerous organizations and will take members only a minute or two to submit pre-populated comments. If you wish to expand on the comments provided, and personalize your experience, there is the capability to do that. Keep in mind that all comments will be public record.

As you will see, the comments generally support the proposed rule as written. There are a couple of recommendations regarding exceptions to compliance we’re asking they reconsider. We know that many insurance providers will capitalize on any opportunity to avoid adherence to the law.

NAATP urges all members to respond to this critically important request for action. This may be the most significant opportunity in many years to advance our goal of greater access to SUD care. Please take a minute to respond.  

Thank you for your assistance.

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