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Expanding and Redefining Membership to Reflect the Field

NAATP Announces Membership Change

NAATP is its members. Who we are and what we do are informed by the composition of our membership. Our public policy agenda directs us to advocate for systemic policy that promotes the accessibility and quality of, and reimbursement for treatment. Our education platform is comprised of the operational needs of providers. Our Quality Assurance Program defines the core competencies of addiction provider operation including ethics. Our Addiction Industry Directory (AID) serves the marketing and visibility required for treatment locations. Our communication platforms promote information exchange and collegiality. Our Research Program provides the data analysis that demonstrates and improves the efficacy of care. Our Diversity, Equity, & Inclusivity Program aims to remedy the inherent inequities of access that are a systemic ill of our culture at large.

All these services must be dynamic as the field experiences increased addiction in the ever changing and challenging environment in which we exist. We must also ensure that the tent is right sized enough to represent the continuum of care and the services that the continuum requires.

NAATP is pleased to announce, therefore, an important change in membership categories that expands and better defines our composition. Our core, Provider Membership, remains unchanged, as it grows larger and larger, and is comprised of programs that provide licensed and accredited treatment operated within the NAATP Ethics Code and consistent with the competencies of the NAATP Quality Assurance Guidebook. Two newly defined Membership categories are added now as follows.

  • Recovery Support Services / Supporter Members will now consist of and be limited to organizations that offer recovery support to current patients and individuals living in or seeking recovery. This includes Recovery Residences, Recovery Coaching, Peer Support, and other non-licensable offerings that support recovery. They will be found, together with the providers, in the NAATP AID.
  • Affiliate Members, delivering the operational services needed by our Providers and Supporters, will be comprised of Billing, Web Design, Electronic Medical Records, and other vendor services. Affiliates will have a new Affiliate Directory, which coexists on the NAATP website to showcase and increase searchability and connection to their provider and supporter customers.

NAATP is a community, a community of like-minded professionals who represent the best the field has to offer. As the field at large has struggled and continues to fight through these tough times, our membership has increased, and our work has expanded in response to ever-increasing demands. Our collective voice is essential to our viability. - Marvin Ventrell

Thank you for your participation and support. NAATP members are committed to a higher purpose, and we are all in this together.

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-Published by ADAW about Membership Category Change at NAATP on The Association Blog on Aug. 6, 2021. 

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