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San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital Accredited

San Jose Behavioral Health Hospital
Mailing Address: 455 Silicon Valley Blvd, San Jose, California 95138, United States
Phone: (855) 661-3811
Facility Of: Acadia Healthcare
Membership Type: Provider
About This Organization:

San Jose Behavioral Health is the ideal choice for adults and adolescents who have been struggling with mental health or behavioral health issues and who can benefit from clinically superior services that are delivered in a supportive and nurturing environment. The treatment experience at San Jose Behavioral Health features comprehensive care that has been customized according to each patient’s unique strengths, needs, and treatment objectives. Employing a variety of treatment methods and techniques, our goal is to alleviate symptoms, establish stability, and address the underlying issues that have caused such distress and prevented our patients from living the healthier lives that they both desire and deserve.
Our center combines the clinical sophistication of a large program with the personalized attention and individualized care of a small facility. As a result, patients and their families can be assured that they are receiving the best possible care and support by professionals who honor their courage for seeking help, encourage their active involvement in the treatment process, and acknowledge their humanity.

Mission Statement:

The mission of San Jose Behavioral Health is to provide superior psychiatric treatment to all that we serve. We are committed to providing resources, information, and assistance that is necessary to best prepare our patients to meet their treatment objectives and achieve sustained recovery. We will remain at the forefront of the effort to provide effective personalized care, and will employ the science-based and research-supported methods and modalities that are best suited to meeting the unique strengths, needs, and objectives of each person who is entrusted into our care.

Accrediting Body: Joint Commission
Specialty: Adolescent
Year Founded: 2016
455 Silicon Valley Blvd
San Jose