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Sabino Recovery Accredited

Sabino Recovery
Mailing Address: 8505 E. Ocotillo Rd, Tucson, Arizona 85750, United States
Phone: 520-749-0020
Admissions: Ryan Young
Admissions Email:
Admissions Phone: 928-326-3365
Marketing Contact: Derek Gwaltney
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Marketing Phone: 912-399-0682
Membership Type: Provider
About This Organization:

Sabino Recovery is a 35 day residential behavioral health facility specializing in the treatment of trauma. In conjunction with trauma, it treats the resulting symptoms such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues, mood changes, phobias, and other behavioral health issues. The facility is situated in beautiful surroundings on 100 acres adjacent to Sabino Canyon National Park in Tucson, Arizona, and accommodates up to 50 guests.

Underpinning its mission and primary goal of returning individuals to a healthy state, by practicing the Sabino Model: Neuroscience Based Trauma Treatment™. The Model puts into practice treatment applications derived from the most recent research on neuroplasticity on how the brain is impacted by life experience and, in turn, drives behaviors, thoughts and emotions. The innovative model also focuses on fully integrative wellness and utilizes diverse therapies that treat the whole person to address the core, trauma-induced issues leading to behavioral symptoms.

Sabino Recovery designs fully customized programs tailored to treat each individual, based on his or her specific issues and circumstances. This customized, integrative treatment is truly holistic and integrated, placing equal emphasis on psychiatry, psychotherapy and medical treatment as on the integrative therapies, which include equine and adventure therapy, acupuncture, massage and recreational activities. Integrative therapies are designed to address somatic disturbances, dissociation, and other trauma symptoms.

Key to healing trauma is the cohesive, trusting, respectful and emotionally safe environment for residents and everyone who works there, with staff and residents acting as equal partners in healing. Each person on Sabino Recovery’s clinical staff has a background in trauma. They are part of a devoted team of employees across a range of specialties who are selected not only for their skills and professional experience, but also for their ability to nurture, provide compassion and empathy. Employees undergo further training to ensure that both physical and clinical care are as nurturing as possible.

Furthering the Sabino Model’s orientation to treating the whole person, Sabino Recovery features a dedicated state-of-the-art sleep clinic. It uniquely incorporates sleep assessments and extensive lab testing in order to provide a complete picture of individual client needs. With sleep issues being a common factor in many of the conditions caused by trauma, the sleep clinic addresses a key factor in the treatment process, one that is usually missing from other models and facilities.

Mission Statement:

We comprehensively treat trauma and addictions with an engaged and highly trained staff, resulting in an effective therapeutic alliance. We optimize healing by empowering our residents to make positive changes and by providing holistic, integrated, and strength-based treatments.

Licensing Body:

Arizona Department of Health Services

Accrediting Body: CARF
Treatment Type: Residential
Recovery Support Services: Peer Support, Recovery Coaching
Clinical Approach: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, EMDR, Equine Therapy
Specialty: All Gender, Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Mental Health, Eating Disorders, Family Program, Gambling Disorder, Professionals, Sex Addiction, Trauma/PTSD
Number of Beds: 25-49 Beds
Year Founded: 2015
8505 E. Ocotillo Rd
Facility Type: Treatment Center