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Elevate Drug Rehab Accredited

Elevate Drug Rehab
Mailing Address: 262 Gaffey Rd, Watsonville, California 95076, United States
Phone: 831-440-3568
Membership Type: Provider
About This Organization:

At Elevate Drug Rehab, we offer a holistic approach to treating substance abuse. We guide our patients through the recovery process so they can live a happy and healthy life.
Our Program
Our Elevate Addiction Services program, strives to provide a unique and effective recovery program for each of our clients. With our personalized approach to substance abuse treatment, each patient gets the tools they need to ensure recovery.
Each person s path to addiction is different, but at Elevate Rehabilitation, we believe that substance abuse begins with one or more of the following
Traumatic experiences;
Misguided lifestyle choices;
Guilt or lack of self-respect;
Stress; or
Chronic pain.
In an effort to avoid these unpleasant feelings or to cope with their stress, many turn to illicit substances, which can quickly become an addiction.
Many individuals who have fallen into the vicious cycle of drug or alcohol abuse feel isolated from the world. Their dependence on the substance may lead to more intense feelings of shame and regret. Unfortunately, many addicts will return to drugs and alcohol to deal with these guilty feelings. Thus, the cycle of addiction becomes strong and unwavering.
With our unique program, however, this cycle of addiction can be broken. So many of our patients have successfully dealt with the underlying problems that lead to a broken life of substance abuse. Our methods help patients identify their issues and learn to deal with them in a constructive and healthy manner. This leads to increase an in self confidence and self-worth, which ultimately leads to a happy, healthy, and drug-free life.
We treat each patient as a whole, without the use of unnecessary medication, so an addict s body can heal and begin to function in a healthy manner. Not only do we treat the physical aspects of addiction, we also focus on the mental and spiritual aspects, as well. This program helps create a healthy body, a sound mind, and a content soul. Our private and comfortable setting is located on a 28-acre ranch in Santa Cruz, California. This beautiful and serene venue helps our patients feel relaxed and not as if they are in a hospital or clinical setting.
Our Method at Elevate Rehab
We pride ourselves on offering a unique and successful method of recovery. We proudly provide a specialized 90-day program, as opposed to the traditional 28-day course or 12-Step program. We do not, however, focus on strict time limits. We allow each of our patients the proper time they need to recover. Each person s path to recovery is different and therefore, we strive to accommodate each patient s needs throughout the program. Our customizable methods ensure that each patient gets the care and attention they need to be successful after graduation.
Our unique and proven method is implemented in four specific phases. These include:
Phase 1:
During this portion of the program, each patient is evaluated by a physician. We then begin the natural detoxification process, which can include massage and acupressure to enhance normal bodily functions. During this time, we also work with each patient on the basic properties they need to lead a healthy life, including proper exercise and nutrition. We also begin the process of changing an addict s path through introduction of mindfulness and communication skills. In Phase 1, patients will participate in a variety of group and individual therapy sessions, including our unique SMART Recovery meetings.
Phase 2:
At this time, patients continue their healthy nutrition, exercise, and mindfulness regimen and will begin to establish a beneficial routine. During group and individual counseling sessions, patients will learn to manage their stress by evaluating their life choices and identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships. Patients will also be counseled on interpersonal skills and will learn how to accept responsibility for their behaviors.
Phase 3:
After completing Phase 2, each patient will begin to plan for a healthy wellbeing outside of rehabilitation, including exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness. At this time, patients will tackle the process of confronting past issues in order to make amends with their prior improper decisions. With these useful tools, patients can plan for a successful and self-empowering life after treatment.
Phase 4:
In this final phase, all preparations for aftercare and continued health will be completed. Because the transition back to a normal routine can be difficult, support groups and relapse plans will be in place. We can even help with future education and career plans for after graduation. We also offer an exclusive graduation assurance policy if any of our patients need additional assistance after graduation.

If you or a loved one are ready to take the path towards recovery, please feel free to contact us today. Our unique, natural, and holistic approach to addiction treatment has helped countless individuals achieve a happy, healthy, and drug-free life.

Accrediting Body: Joint Commission
Treatment Type: Inpatient Detox, Outpatient Treatment, Residential
Specialty: All Gender
262 Gaffey Rd