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House Committee Moves Support Act Reauthorization Eliminates IMD Exclusion

Yesterday the House of Representatives, Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously passed HR 4531, the reauthorization of the Support Act for mental health and substance use disorder treatment. The original Support Act was passed 5 years ago and was due to expire by the end of 2023.

Included in the legislation were several major NAATP priorities. One major advancement was the elimination of the IMD exclusion. The antiquated exclusion limited Medicaid payment for mental health and SUD treatment facilities to those with less than 16 beds, thus eliminating many facilities. 

Also included was continuation of the educational loan repayment funding for individuals working as substance use disorder treatment professionals. This program has been helpful as workforce issues have become more severe.

The Act provides Medicaid coverage for pregnant women who are awaiting resolution of legal issues. It also prohibits those who are enrolled in Medicare from losing coverage if they are incarcerated. While we supported more extensive coverage for incarcerated individuals, the legislation is a step forward.

The 2023 Support Act also advances the requirement that State Medicaid plans provide medication assisted treatment (MAT) and continues support for Naloxone for first responders.

It also reauthorizes the numerous grant and support programs through SAMHSA contained in the original Support Act. The full text of the legislation may be found here: H4531-FCR-AINS_01 (filed by Rep. Guthrie) to H.R. 4531

The next step will be a vote by the U.S. House of Representatives and then consideration by the U.S. Senate. Given the unanimous committee vote, we anticipate a favorable outcome in the House.

NAATP will continue to focus on member priorities as this and other substance use disorder legislation move forward.