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Webinar Series Sponsorship

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Become a Sponsor of a NAATP Webinar!

NAATP will shift much of its educational programming from our canceled annual conference into a Webinar Series, via live webinars, videos, and on-demand sessions. This creates an opportunity for continued support and exposure for our members and stakeholders. NAATP is thankful for and dependent on our generous sponsors who support NAATP National year after year. Because NAATP relies on sponsorship funds for day to day operations, we encourage our annual sponsors to consider transferring their support to a webinar sponsorship. 

Webinar Sponsorship Benefit

  • Support NAATP’s Work
  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Recognition in the Marketplace

 Webinar Sponsorship Recognition

  • Logo on NAATP’s Webinar Page
  • Logo included in Marketing Email
  • Static Logo showcased before Webinar starts
  • 1-2 Minute Webinar Introduction about your Organization

Presenting is Separate From Sponsoring

Webinar sponsorships are separate from content and abstract selection, and applying for a sponsorship will not influence the selection of abstracts. NAATP has never supported “pay to play” models, and in support of this, has elected not to allow presenters to sponsor their own webinar presentations.

Webinar Sponsorship Pricing

NAATP Members receive a $750 discount off webinar sponsorships. 

  • Member Pricing - $2,500 
  • Non-Member Pricing - $3,250
  • 1-2 Sponsors per Webinar   

Webinar Sponsorship Schedule

We encourage you to review our Upcoming Webinars page to see our future webinar offerings. Inquire about sponsorship availability by emailing

Sponsorship Eligibility Agreement

Compatibility with the mission and values of the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (“NAATP”) is important. NAATP reserves the right to determine eligibility and to accept or reject any exhibitor, sponsor, product, or promotion, at any time, that is not consistent with NAATP’s mission, values, ethics, character, or the purpose of the webinar. NAATP has the right to refuse, at any time, any organization or material that does not fit with NAATP’s mission or values. This determination is made at the sole discretion of NAATP.

  • The registration process requires your acknowledgment and acceptance of this Agreement.
  • Registration and payment do not constitute acceptance. If rejected, a full refund will be considered and may be provided. 
  • Sponsorship applications are reviewed by staff for approval or denial. 

Sponsorship Application

The submission of our sponsorship application is required for staff review. Once interest is submitted and reviewed, the NAATP staff will reach out to you within 14-21 business days to inform you of the sponsorship status.

Sponsorship Questions?
Contact us at 888.574.1008 or email