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On-Demand Webinars

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Recently Recorded

Covid-19 Impact on Addiction Treatment: Survey Findings & Implications​
: Reyna Taylor, NCBH, Mark Dunn and Peter Thomas, NAATP

2020 Core Competencies Webinars

Creating a Compensation Program for Addiction Treatment Programs
: Tosha Hershey, Ashley Addiction Treatment

Re-Eningeering Treatment: ASAM Level of Care Certification
: Dr. Paul Early, ASAM, and Michael Johnson, CARF International

Telling the Truth: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Addiction Treatment World
Presenter: Philip Rutherford, Faces & Voices of Recovery

Public Relations Strategy: Our Obligation to the Field and COVID-19
: Dr. Deni Carise, Recovery Centers of America

Leadership Development, Retention and Succession Planning in Addiction Treatment
: Joshua William Voigt, CeDAR, A division of UCHealth

Infusing Innovation into Your Organization
: Janelle Wesloh, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

State Advocacy Series

Navigating the New NAATP State Advocacy Toolkit
Presenter: Mark Dunn, Nikki Soda, and Peter Thomas, NAATP

Advancing National Initiatives Through Local Advocacy Efforts
Presenter: Mark Dunn, NAATP, Scott Munson, Sundown M Ranch, Gary Tennis, NAMSDL

Policy, Power, and Politics: Advancing Your Agenda with Legislators and Regulators
: Jason Perillo, High Watch Recovery Center

All Politics is Ultimately Local: NAATP State Advocacy
Presenter: Sherri Layton, La Hacienda Treatment Center, Pamela Rodriguez, TASC

Special COVID-19 Webinars

Insurance Billing and Reimbursement in the Context of COVID-19
Presenter: Ben Dittman, Jessica Chase, Avea Solutions, Marcello La Rocca, Sandstone Care

DBT Skills for Effective Leadership in Times of Crisis
Presenter: Dr. Annie Peters, NAATP

Telehealth Gone Viral: Practical Tips for Virtual Integration
Presenter: Dr. Nick Hayes, Randal Lea, Bonny O'Neill, Cumberland Heights Foundation

Understanding and Addressing Compassion Fatigue During COVID-19
Presenter: Dr. Michael Barnes, Foundry Treatment Center

COVID-19 and the Rapid Transition to Telehealth: Understanding the Impact
: Dr. Annie Peters, NAATP, Dr. Holen Hirsh, OMNI Institute, Dr. Nick Hayes, Cumberland Heights Foundation

Engaging In Solutions: Current Considerations & Planning For Organizational Recovery
 Jonathan P. De Carlo, C4 Consulting, Inc.

Expanding Access During COVID-19 with Hazelden Betty Ford
Presenter: Mark Mishek, Dr. Marvin Seppala, John Driscoll, William Moyers, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Here We Go! Moving to Telehealth at the Speed of Light
: Holly Wilson, Dr. LaTisha Bader, Denver Women's Recovery

Medical Best Practices and Business Considerations During an Outbreak
: Dr. Greg Hobelmann, Alex Denstman, Ashley Addiction Treatment

Leadership Challenges for Addiction Service Providers Amid the COVID-19 Health Crisis
: Bob Ferguson, Jaywalker Lodge, Nanette Zumwalt, Hired Power

Leadership Panels

Convening the Voices of The Addiction Treatment Field
Presenter: Leaders from NAATP, ASAM, NCBH, NAADAC, Shatterproof, Faces & Voices of Recovery

NAATP Virtual Annual Membership Meeting
Presenter: Marvin Ventrell, NAATP Executive Committee

2019 Webinars

Introduction to Accreditation: CARF and The Joint Commission
Presenter: Michael Johnson, CARF International, Julia Finken, The Joint Commission

CARF Accreditation Experience: Intro to CARF
Presenter: Michael Johnson, CARF International

Joint Commission Accreditation Experience: Intro to The Joint Commission
Presenter: Julia Finken, The Joint Commission

Recognition and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders in the Addiction Population
Presenter: Dr. Eric Michael Kaplan, Lakeview Health

Making the Connection: Linking Clients with Treatment Resources
Presenter: Keri-Lyn Coleman, Wellscreen

Outcomes Measures & Treatment Philosophy: Tracking Patient Progress & Measuring Outcomes
Presenter: Dr. Holen Hirsch, Dr. Natalie Wheeler, OMNI Institute, Mark Loes, Sundown M Ranch

Working with LGBTQ+ Teens in Residential Care
Presenter: Dr. Thomas Wright, Meghan Cook, Rosecrance Health Network

Are Your Billing Practices Doing More Harm Than Good?
Presenter: Ben Dittman, Owen Peterson, Avea Solutions, Lindsay Key, Constellation BH

Comprehensive Opioid Response with the Twelve Steps
Presenter: Steve Delisi, Jordan Hansen, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Urine Trouble: The Basics of Drug Testing
Presenter: Dr. Lewis S. Nelson, Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

2018 Webinars

Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment Practice: Integrating the Essentials of High-Quality Care
Presenter: Dr. Thomas Britton, Gateway Foundation, Dr. Annie Peters, Harmony Foundation

Managed Care Partnering: From UR Ethics to UR Strategy
Presenter: Cade Saurage, La Hacienda Treatment Center

NAATP Quality Assurance: Accreditation and the Push for Clinical Excellence
Presenter: Marvin Ventrell, NAATP

Google Ads landscape before and after LegitScript Certification
Presenter: John McGhee, Webconsuls, LLC