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State of the Addiction Treatment Profession

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NAATP CEO, Marvin Ventrell, spoke at the 2019 Moments of Change Conference in Palm Beach, FL presenting about The State of the Addiction Treatment Profession. Mr. Ventrell’s presentation delivered a framework for the history and current state of the addiction treatment field, outlining the progressive movements being made in areas of ethics, marketing, quality, and outcomes measures.

“Our field’s viability depends on practice of the recovery principles that we teach. From the CEO through every staff member. We must practice what we preach.”

MOC 2019 also made available to attendees NAATP’s recently released Quality Assurance Guidebook and Outcomes Measurement Toolkit, both of which are accessible to the public on our website.

Prior to Mr. Ventrell’s luncheon presentation, former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. David Satcher kicked off MOC 2019, discussing the history of mental health parity and how he came to report on the topic with his presentation Creating Momentum in Mental Healthcare Parity: Providers and Insurers Working Together to Get People the Help They Need

See State of the Addiction Profession 2019 PowerPoint

The following day, the news outlet Behavioral Healthcare Executive also reported on Mr. Ventrell's speech, nicely summarizing the overarching aim of the presentation, which was a call to action to push for higher standards and shift the focus of the field from prohibited, unethical practices to striving for best practice and quality, uniform standards. 

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