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Prioritizing Public Policy Advocacy

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In this time of great change on global, national, and local levels, NAATP has decided to dedicate the months of June and July 2020 to the platform of advocacy. Part of NAATP's mission is to provide tools, education, and leadership to our members and the industry at large. Therefore, we offer the below resources to help our members become the collective advocacy voice needed to move our field forward.

addictionLEADER Spring 2020 Newsletter Release

NAATP encompasses the dual proposition of patient service and policy advocacy as a guiding principle and we are pleased to dedicate this issue of addictionLEADER to it. Preview this issue's Guest Column and Public Policy Update articles below:

Guest Column: "All Politics are Ultimately Local"

by: Sherri Layton

The Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Parity Act passed almost 12 years ago, yet we still have not achieved full compliance. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) became law in 2010, but implementation varies greatly across the country...

Public Policy Update: "Staying Committed to Our Policy Agenda"

by: Mark Dunn

“Live life on life’s terms” is an aphorism that rings especially true to the first six months of 2020. At NAATP, we began the year with an aggressive public policy agenda...


State Advocacy Webinar Mini-Series

NAATP is hosting a State Advocacy-focused webinar series to support our members doing the necessary work of engaging in local public policy advocacy. The series will culminate in the release of the NAATP State Advocacy Initiative and Toolkit, which will provide skills and training materials to help our members become more effective advocates.



NAATP Political Action Committee

The NAATP Political Action Committee (PAC) was formed in 2008 to support and elect political candidates who understand and support the legislative and regulatory concerns that affect Substance Use Disorder Treatment Facilities and our Association. Contributions to the NAATP PAC do more than support candidates who understand our issues; they leverage each contribution into a powerful collective voice that demonstrates the strength of NAATP. Your voices help us make progress. As we strive to ask Congress and the Administration to focus on SUD facilities, your participation will continue to be necessary.


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