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All Politics is Ultimately Local: NAATP State Advocacy

When: Thursday, June 4 | 11:00 am MDT
Presenters: Pamela Rodriguez, TASC, Sherri Layton, La Hacienda Treatment Center
★ CE Credits Provided through NAADAC

More attention is being paid to addiction policy issues than ever before. As NAATP members it is our responsibility, and in our best interest, to have a role in shaping emerging policy, both in Washington DC and in our state capitols. While much attention is being paid to the national conversation, most of what influences a provider’s day to day operation occurs at the state level. In this presentation we will discuss building relationships with your state officials and how to have your voice heard. We will also share ideas on how to connect locally with your elected federal officials to influence current legislation and bring the local picture into focus for your legislators. We will highlight the role of NAATP’s Public Policy Committee and how they represent the interests of membership. 

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NAATP Leadership Panel: Convening the Voices of the Addiction Treatment Field


When: Thursday, June 11 | 12:00 pm MDT
Presenters: Leaders from NAATP, ASAM, NCBH, NAADAC, Shatterproof, Faces & Voices of Recovery, Hazelden Betty Ford
★ CE Credits Provided through NAADAC

NAATP embraces its role to provide leadership to the field at a time when the need to do so has never been greater or more complex. Join us on Thursday, June 11th for our industry leadership panel, “Convening the Voices of the Addiction Treatment Field,” which will bring together leaders from the field’s national guiding agencies for a high-level discussion about the state of and a progression vision for the future of addiction treatment. By convening and collaborating under the umbrella of NAATP, we facilitate the opportunity to build and implement the best treatment delivery system that our country has ever seen. Panelists will include NAATP CEO, Marvin Ventrell, and leaders from ASAM, NCBH, NAADAC, Faces & Voices of Recovery, Hazelden Betty Ford, and Shatterproof.

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NAATP Virtual Annual Membership Meeting

When: Thursday, June 18 | 11:00 am MDT
Presenters: Marvin Ventrell, NAATP Executive Committee

Our Annual Membership Meeting, historically hosted annually at NAATP National, will now be held virtually! Join NAATP’s CEO and Executive Committee for a virtual panel discussion on Thursday, June 18th that will include a State of the Association, a Membership Address, and moderated questions from the membership. Register now to take advantage of this opportunity to hear directly from NAATP leaders and “convene” with our membership.

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Policy, Power, and Politics: Advancing Your Agenda with Legislators and Regulators

When: Thursday, June 25 | 11:00 am MDT
Presenter: Jason Perillo, High Watch Recovery Center
★ CE Credits Provided through NAADAC

Relying on advocates and industry groups is essential in Washington, but issues like insurance reimbursement, facility regulation, and access to care are left largely to the states. Without some fundamental knowledge of the process and the players, though, many recovery care providers show up last to the table. This session will help executives and communication professionals minimize that risk of being left out in the cold. Attendees will gain the knowledge they need to impact state laws and regulations. From assessing policy priorities to executing a well thought out advocacy strategy, attendees will learn how to work with legislators, lobbyists, regulators, and the public to change laws that need changing and prevent valuable laws from being changed.

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Advancing National Initiatives Through Local Advocacy Efforts

When: Thursday, July 16 | 11:00 am MDT
Presenters: Mark Dunn, NAATP, Scott Munson, Sundown M Ranch, Gary Tennis, NAMSDL
★ CE Credits Provided through NAADAC

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The NAATP State Advocacy Initiative and Toolkit 


When: Thursday, July 23 | 11:00 am MDT
Presenters: Mark Dunn, Peter Thomas, Nikki Soda, NAATP, Pamela Rodriguez, TASC
★ CE Credits Provided through NAADAC

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Employee Training and Retention

When: Thursday, September 24 | 11:00 am MDT
Presenter: Tosha Hershey, Ashley Addiction Treatment
★ CE Credits Provided through NAADAC

Navigating the New ASAM Levels of Care Certification Program

When: Thursday, October 22 | 11:00 am MDT
PresenterASAM, CARF International
★ CE Credits Provided through NAADAC

The Art and Science of Personalized Care in Addiction Medicine

When: Thursday, November 19 | 11:00 am MST
​Presenter: Dr. Marvin Seppala, Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation
★ CE Credits Provided through NAADAC