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NAATP Welcomes New Membership Development Officer

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Nikki Soda Joins the NAATP Team!

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers is pleased to announce that Nikki Soda has joined our staff as Membership Development Officer. Nikki came aboard this week at the national office in Denver. 

Nikki is an experienced and talented addiction treatment professional. She has served as Director of both Business Development and Marketing for nationally recognized treatment facilities and has managed several alumni programs. Nikki's role will be to identify qualified addiction treatment programs for inclusion in The National Association. Nikki and the NAATP Team will evaluate candidates for membership based on their record of quality care through values-based service within an ethical operational structure.

"I believe our timing in bringing Nikki on is ideal. The National Association is now poised for selective growth by virtue of both program delivery, influence, and our position of trust established through the development and enforcement of high ethical standards. I am particularly excited about this staff position because I know Nikki well and she is not only competent but exemplifies the very qualities we seek in our members" said Marvin Ventrell, NAATP Executive Director.

"I am elated to join the NAATP team as the Membership Development Officer and I'm grateful for the opportunity. Being part of an established national association whose mission is to ensure the availability and highest quality of addiction treatment is what my career has led me to. I look forward to connecting with our current members and identifying new prospects to join our important work. Please do not hesitate to reach out to schedule a time to talk with me."

Contact Nikki at or call 303.396.6127
Read Nikki's Full Bio and Meet the full NAATP Staff


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