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NAATP Resources for Transition and Growth

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As we come to the close of 2019, I want to share a few thoughts and make certain you have access to some important resources. 2019 was NAATP’s 41st year of operation and it was a good one. We are going strong. The association is sound and has grown to nearly 1,000 facilities, the highest in our history. Our growth and active member participation speak to the need for the leadership and advocacy of our professional membership society of addiction providers at this time of industry growth and transition. It also speaks to the value of collaborative community and the delivery and sharing of operational resources that make us all more effective.

These are complicated times in which to deliver addiction treatment. The landscape has shifted relative to clinical and payer models. NAATP members are working hard to be nimble, respond to transitions, and, at the same time, preserve the core biological, psychological, and social care that leads to recovery. NAATP is committed to helping our members through this process with the types of resources and advocacy covered in our most recent issue of addictionLEADER. If you missed that piece, it is linked for you here:

The Challenge of Transformational Clinical and Payment Models, addictionLEADER Fall 2019  

As we move forward, NAATP is focused on five priorities: Values, Quality Assurance, Outcomes and Measures, Public Policy Advocacy, and Industry Collaboration. With our grounding in values and ethics, we can speak with authority and credibility regarding the metrics of quality, the means of measuring our treatment outcomes, and our public policy efforts aimed at matching up good clinical care with commensurate payment through parity enforcement and solid payer relationships. We are also committed to working collaboratively with our sister societies because we all benefit from working together.

Much of the foundation of this work was laid this year in the form of the following resources. Please be sure to download these documents and distribute them to your staff.

The Addiction Treatment Provider Quality Assurance Guidebook: A Guide the Core Competencies for the Delivery of Addiction Treatment Services

NAATP Outcomes Measurement Toolkit: The Addiction Treatment Provider Guide to Standardized Outcomes Measurement

Additionally, one of the most valued resources of NAATP is our biennial Salary Survey. 2020 is a salary survey year, so please stay tuned and be sure to participate. Participating members submitting data receive the survey at no cost.

As always, thank you for your commitment to our field and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. Have a joyous holiday and don’t forget to join us for NAATP National 2020: May 16-18, San Diego, CA

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