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NAATP Webinars

Where Do We Go From Here? Moving From Awareness to Action With DEI

Presenters: Zina Rodriguez, Annie Peters, Danielle Jackman
March 24, 2022 

At NAATP National 2021, presentations on topics related to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in addiction treatment generated many meaningful, sometimes emotional, conversations among leaders in the field. Many behavioral health providers want to promote health equity, establish a more diverse staff and client base, and create more inclusive work and clinical environments, but they may not know where to begin or how to continuously improve. Just as treatment providers apply the Stages of Change Model in their work with patients, this model can help leaders chart a path to DEI best practices. This webinar will introduce NAATP’s DEI Best Practices in Addiction Treatment Model and Assessment Tool, which can help providers – both those just starting this work and those who are well on their way – to identify areas for growth and specific action steps. This session also serves as an invitation for treatment providers to utilize the Assessment Tool within their organizations following this webinar. A session at NAATP National 2022 will feature the experiences of several NAATP provider members who are actively implementing changes based on the assessment.

Anti-Racism and Substance Use Treatment

Presenters: Margaret Knapp, LMSW, and Sara Matsuzaka, LCSW, PhD
June 24, 2021

Contemporary racism in the US contributes to health, mental health, and substance use disorder (SUD) disparities among people of color (POC) compared with white individuals. Despite entering into treatment with a greater severity of SUD and related consequences, POC experience more barriers to treatment engagement, completion, and satisfaction than their white counterparts. Join Fordham University Faculty Sara Matsuzaka, LCSW, Ph.D., and Margaret Knapp, LMSW, as they discuss the intersection of racism and substance use treatment, and examine strategies for implementing anti-racism institutionally and in direct practice.

Telling the Truth: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Addiction Recovery World

Presenter: Philip Rutherford, Faces and Voices of Recovery
July 9, 2020

As worldwide demonstrations against police brutality have brought long-standing racial injustice issues to the forefront of a national conversation, it is critical for the recovery community to reflect on and take measures to correct the inequities in treatment access and outcomes that persist in our field. In this presentation, Philip Rutherford will lead an honest and, at times, uncomfortable discussion about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the context of addiction treatment. Mr. Rutherford will explain the continuum between cultural destructiveness and cultural competency, elucidate the differences between the terms "equity," "equality," and "justice," and guide attendees through the available avenues for change and improvement. 

Working with LGBTQ+ Teens in Residential Care

Presenter: Thomas Wright, MD & Meghan Cook
July 9, 2020

This webinar, "Working with LGBTQ+ Teens in Residential Care," examines LGBTQ+ current topics and history in relation to Rosecrance and the behavioral health industry. Furthermore, the presentation will delve into the first-hand experiences of experts at Rosecrance and how to best care for LGBTQ+ teens in a residential care setting. Throughout the webinar, presenters will address the unique aspects and risk factors of LGBTQ+ individuals in regards to mental illness and substance misuse. Additionally, they will discuss how to develop cultural competencies and best practices among residential staff to remove barriers and stigma for LGBTQ+ teens seeking treatment.

Industry Partners Webinars & Courses

Setting the Stage: Racism and the History of Substance Use and Addiction

Then and Now: Conversations on Black Resistance

AMHR DE&I Summit 2023: Healing the Trauma Within Ourselves & Our Systems

  • Presenters: Aurora Mental Health & Recovery
  • When: April 12-20 and May 10-18, 2023
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Engagement in the Black Community: A Virtual NAADAC Summit

The Recovery Legacies of Frederick Douglass & Malcolm X

  • Presenters: Association of Recovery in Higher Education / Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC
  • When: February 12, 2021
  • Watch Recording

Healing the Effects of Racism for Black Women in Recovery

Inequitable Access to Behavioral Healthcare for Black Americans

  • Presenters: Trusted Provider Network
  • When: June 11, 2020
  • Watch Recording

Promoting Organizational and Self-Care Strategies for African Americans

  • Presenters: Center of Excellence for Integrated Health Solutions
  • When: June 11, 2020
  • Watch Recording

The War on Drugs Explained

  • Presenters: Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition & Legal Action Center
  • When: June 11, 2020 
  • Watch Recording

‘Racism Pandemic’ Facing our Nation

  • Presenters: American Psychological Association
  • When: June 4, 2020
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