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Orenda at Futures Recovery Healthcare Celebrates 2 year Anniversary

On April 28th, Orenda celebrated a two year anniversary with a special virtual event. Bringing together professionals from all over the country. Orenda is a program designed to meet the needs of individuals and families inextricably linked to public persona, committed to high-demand occupations, and unable to remove themselves from the stressors and situations that trigger and perpetuate substance use and mental health conditions. The Orenda leadership team spoke on the program including medical complexities, family therapy, mind, body and wellness, and presented a virtual glimpse into Orenda's Four Pillars of Care.

Orenda is part of Futures Recovery Healthcare which offers a comprehensive detox and residential program for substance abuse and co-occurring conditions, a residential program for primary Mental Health needs, the Orenda concierge program, the Rise experiential program, and intensive outpatient and outpatient services. Futures also offers specialized services for our First Responders and Veterans, those with chronic pain and those with trauma. Futures emphasizes individualized approaches to address the complexity of behavioral healthcare concerns, high-quality and compassionate care, the importance of establishing an ongoing continuum of integrated care, and the value of alumni involvement.

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