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Dr. Peter Hayden Diversity, Inclusivity, and Racial Equity Award

Awarded to individuals or organizations who have made diversity, inclusivity, and equity priorities in clinical and operational practices, as evidenced by any or all of the following:

  • Multiple dimensions of diversity among staff, leadership, and governance
  • Organization-wide and community training initiatives (e.g., anti-racism, gender inclusivity, social justice)
  • Implementation of culturally responsive clinical or recovery support programs
  • Demonstration of or advocacy for equitable access to services for communities that have faced exclusion or marginalization
  • Identification of an internal institutional deviation from best practices, followed by a substantive, transparent, and measurable process of change
  • Significant financial and resource commitments to improving equity in service access, inclusivity in treatment/work environments, or supportive engagement with diverse communities

This award is proudly named after Dr. Peter Hayden, the President, CEO, and Co-Founder of Turning Point, Inc., the inaugural award recipient of the NAATP Diversity, Inclusivity, and Racial Equity Award in 2021. Dr. Hayden's leadership and community-centric approach has had monumental impact on Turning Point’s programming and clients. His and Turning Point’s grassroot efforts are a model for best practices in culturally specific drug-and-alcohol rehabilitation.