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National Addiction Treatment Outcomes Program Surpasses Goal

At its national conference this week, NAATP CEO Marvin Ventrell announced the groundbreaking work of the NAATP Foundation for Recovery Science and Education(FoRSE), which now has 34 participating treatment provider Data Sites and has exceeded its $1.2 million fundraising goal, ensuring the first three years of operation.

Founded by NAATP in 2020, FoRSE has launched the Addiction Treatment Outcomes Program (ATOP) to collect data and analyze treatment effectiveness at a level never accomplished. This essential work must be conducted to ensure the quality and viability of our profession.

FoRSE’s mission is to improve addiction treatment through science, technology, and education. At the core of ATOP is the principle of collaborative science, whereby large-scale data are collected from diverse providers and populations, irrespective of location, treatment type, health record system, or outcomes collection tool. Data are captured in our Clinical Data Repository (CDR) through which we will produce site-specific benchmarking reports on aggregated and de-identified data. This will, in turn, enable FoRSE to evaluate the outcomes of services for varied populations. By collecting data in this fashion, we can accomplish for SUD that which must exist in all successful disease treatment: standardized scientific measurement.

Years in the making, following the completion of the NAATP Outcomes Pilot Program, FoRSE launched this summer with the financial backing of FoRSE leadership and a prestigious group of early adopter data sites. For a complete list of contributors, please see the Founding Donor Wall.

Contributions are still being accepted and will only strengthen the organization’s ability to expand its work.  All gifts to the Founders Campaign are tax deductible and pledges may be paid over a three-year period.  It is also still possible to participate as a Data Site where you will feed data into the FoRSE CDR and receive outcomes reporting. There is no fee to participate as a data site. 

For more information, contact Annie Peters, FoRSE Executive Director at


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