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NAATP Releases Treatment Provider Guidebook

The National Association is pleased to release the NAATP Addiction Treatment Provider Quality Assurance Guidebook: A Guide to the Core Competencies for the Delivery of Addiction Treatment Services (The Guidebook). The Guidebook identifies, describes, and provides implementation strategy for the core competencies of addiction treatment program operation, thereby empowering addiction treatment providers with clear direction for the proficient and ethical delivery of addiction treatment services. 

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The effectiveness and usefulness of The Guidebook requires that it both set a proficiency standard for operation and be implementable in practice. NAATP has, therefore, released the Guidebook in this initial draft format to our members only as a Beta Version for member comment. The Guidebook is scheduled for formal publication in the Fall of 2019 following the comment period, giving NAATP the opportunity to improve the document based on additional member feedback. Please submit your comments to NAATP using the Quality Assurance Feedback Form. The comment period closes May 31, 2019.

The Guidebook is the product of NAATP’s Quality Assurance Initiative (QAI), which was created to set a strong standard for treatment service delivery, below which no provider should fall, and at which level proficient services will be delivered. The Guidebook identifies the core competencies of addiction treatment service through the nine categories of Operations; Admissions and Patient Screening; Employment, Training, and Credentialing; Billing; Discharge and Continuing Care; Outcomes Measures; Community Engagement, Public Relations, and Public Policy; Marketing, Advertising, and Visibility; and Ethics. Within these categories are 32 specific Guidelines, each accompanied by a Commentary and a list of Resources to aid the provider in understanding and implementing the Guideline.

NAATP and its members want membership in the National Association to be viewed as an indication of high-quality, reliable care. NAATP members agree to adhere to The Guidelines as a condition of membership. Taken together with the additional membership requirements of licensing, accreditation, and Ethics Code compliance, The Guidebook and The Guidelines outlined in this publication allow consumers, payers, and industry professionals to use the NAATP Addiction Industry Directory (The AID) with the confidence that the members listed therein are committed to the provision of reliable, proficient, and ethical addiction treatment.      

The Guidebook core competencies form the subject matter of the upcoming NAATP 41st Annual Addiction Leadership Conference, NAATP National 2019, in Washington, DC, May 5th through 8th and will be made available to all attendees. We hope to see you there.


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