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NAATP Releases 2019 - 2021 Strategic Plan

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We are pleased to share the NAATP Strategic Plan 2019-2021 with you. The plan, titled Leading in A New Era: Steady Leadership, Secure Infrastructure, Committed Principles, and Comprehensive Strategic Program Delivery, describes NAATP’s mission, vision, goals, objectives, and program implementation at a high level. The plan also includes important context for NAATP’s work through an environmental scan and a history of NAATP as our evolution has paralleled and influenced the field of addiction treatment at large.

The plan reflects a move forward for NAATP from the previous three-year plan, called Defining our Association, Securing our Foundation, Building our Infrastructure, and Delivering our Service, that focused to a large degree on corrective measures. The hallmark of that work was, of course, the development of our Ethics Program, including the implementation of more rigorous membership criteria and accountability measures. The membership overwhelmingly supported this work, many of you having called for it before the work ever began. The result of the program was increased membership, enhanced membership value, improved public and payer confidence, and a stronger public policy voice. Our membership and the field at large embraced the need for the industry correction that we made.

It was during this previous period that NAATP also conducted a large-scale rebranding and reorganization of the association. Our membership was highly participatory in that process and the association is better than ever before, due in large part to your participation and support.

Now we move forward. The ethics work necessarily continues, but we expand our efforts from prohibited conduct to the higher calling of best practices: practices that produce not just ethical or even competent service, but rather proficient service delivery. The new NAATP Strategic Plan frames this work in terms of Quality Assurance that becomes the guiding principle of all NAATP program activity. The foundation of this work is the Quality Assurance Guidebook that members have reviewed in its Beta format and that will be available in final form later this year.

The Guidebook calls on all NAATP members, as part of quality operation, to engage in a valid outcomes and measures program that ensures institutional accountability and program validation. This is an integral component of all reliable healthcare and one that we must embrace for the welfare of our patients and our field’s viability. The next phase of NAATP’s outcomes work, the Outcomes and Measures Program (The OMP), builds on the important research of the Outcomes Pilot Program that produced the NAATP Outcomes Toolkit & Final Report.  

Thank you for your support of The National Association and your dedication to this work. We hope you will find the time to review the plan and share it with the members of your staff. 


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