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All-Staff Assessment to Measure Equity & Inclusion

NAATP has developed a new All-Staff version of the DEIB Stage of Change Assessment, which can be used with any and all employees at an addiction or behavioral health organization to measure perspectives on equity and inclusion issues. The brief, 19-item survey, is publicly available and free to use in any organization that finds it useful in their work toward DEIB best practices. The assessment, including a description of its purpose and scoring, is shared with you today via the link below. 

Access DEIB All-Staff Assessment

In 2021, NAATP’s original DEIB Stages of Change Model and Assessment Tool was created to help leaders at treatment organizations measure their readiness to change toward DEIB best practices. This tool was intended for use by individuals in leadership positions (executive, director, and manager level roles). Since then, 36 organizations in the addictions field have utilized the leadership version of the assessment, resulting in 187 responses from leaders. Here’s what people are saying about using the leadership tool:

"The numerical results gave us clear feedback about the amount of work ahead of us at every level of management and patient care. The survey has acted for us as a benchmark from which we strive to provide the most culturally aware programming through a workforce that embodies the talents and wisdom reflected throughout the communities we serve. We continue to change the physical plant, our programming, and the competencies of our workforce from what we learned." 

- Randal Lea, MA, LADAC, Chief Community Recovery Officer
Cumberland Heights Foundation

"The assessment has been a valuable and insightful tool in assisting the organizations we work with. It has allowed us to assist leadership teams with not only identifying where they are on the stage of change continuum but also with aligning their organization’s values, vision, and mission with DEIB initiatives that are integrated with their overall organizational goals. Through this process, we have been able to support organizations with the implementation of targeted initiatives that have positively impacted workplace culture, fostering a more inclusive environment for staff and clients.”

- Zina Rodriguez, MSW, MCAP, CDE, CEO/Co-Founder
Z&D Consulting

The survey that complements our new All-Staff assessment tool can be completed online through NAATP’s All-Staff DEIB Survey. To express interest in obtaining aggregated survey results from your organization, contact Dr. Annie Peters, NAATP Director of Research and Education at Organizations must be NAATP members to request survey results. 

This assessment was created based on guidance from the NAATP Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, & Belonging (DEIB) Advisory Committee. We thank the committee members for their time and commitment. To learn more about NAATP’s DEIB program, visit our resource page.

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