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2022 Salary Survey Release

 National Addiction Industry Salary Survey 2022

NAATP Releases 13th Edition of the National Addiction Treatment Salary Survey

The Survey Serves as a Leadership Guide to Attracting and Maintaining Top Talent in a Challenging Workforce Environment

The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) is pleased to release the 2022 National Addiction Industry Salary Survey. The Survey is a complimentary service to NAATP Members who participate in the surveying process by submitting data. These participating treatment providers make the survey possible by submitting comprehensive staffing data. The survey is otherwise available for purchase.

In 1986, NAATP conducted the first-ever salary survey within the addiction treatment provider industry, recognizing that a salary survey is an essential tool to help members of our field attract and retain top talent and provide high-quality addiction service and care. Data for the 2022 salary survey was collected entirely online, via a survey hosted on Qualtrics. The data was collected and analyzed by the independent research firm, OMNI Institute. A total of 114 organizations participated in the survey, which represents 11% of NAATP membership. Each organization generously donated their time and data.

The NAATP Salary Survey is consistently ranked by treatment providers among the most valued resources produced by NAATP. It is published biannually and relied upon by leadership as a strategic guide for operationalizing treatment services. The Survey covers staff demographics from executive to support staff including salaries and benefits. Data are projected by location, profit structure, levels of care, treatment capacity, and treatment setting. Special attention was given this year to the impact of COVID-19. For more information and to purchase the 2022 Survey:

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