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2022-2025 Strategic Plan Release

NAATP is pleased to release Leading the Way to Recovery, the association’s strategic plan for effective industry service and leadership through the year 2025. We do so with gratitude and a deep sense of responsibility to the field of addiction treatment. Our field is entering a new era and our plan reflects an understanding that the future is uncertain, requiring us to be adaptable. At the same time, we know that we have an opportunity to influence and guide our country’s response to addiction. Our plan balances these conditions.

The strategic plan describes the association’s mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives, together with measurable outcomes. It is the product of extensive internal and external research, data collection, study, reflection, discussion, debate, and synthesis. It is our effort to describe the why and how of our work to ensure the success of our members while promoting best practices and access. In the end, we have a simple but aspirational vision for the future: Recovery for All.    

Any effective strategy considers the environmental context in which operations occur. For years, that context has been dominated by alarmingly high rates of Substance Use Disorders beyond the system’s capacity to treat. Compared with other diseases, addiction is largely untreated with as many as 90% of sufferers not receiving care. Many factors contribute to this disparity but three factors in particular stand as primary roadblocks: 1. Stigma – negative societal attitudes about addiction, internalized shame, and policies limiting care; 2. Science - a lack of a sufficient body of scientific evidence demonstrating treatment efficacy; and 3. Access - a lack of consistent and equitable third-party payer coverage and compensation exacerbated by social determinants of access.

The plan considers these concerns with an additional and historic reality: the worldwide COVID-19 Pandemic. The pandemic has affected everyone, and its traumatic ripple effect continues to impact all components of our lives, from physical and mental health to the workforce, to the national and world economies. In particular, the pandemic worsened the already present mental health and addiction crisis, increasing the percentage of individuals with SUD and the acuity of illness.

As we launch this next phase of operations, we recognize that our work has never been more vital, and we do so having built a strong foundation. Despite the pandemic, NAATP thrived in recent years in terms of its value proposition as measured through program delivery, influence, member enrollment, and fiscal health. Leading the Way to Recovery builds on the success of NAATP’s history and in particular the accomplishments of the association’s two most recent plans, the defining hallmarks of which are:

  1. The establishment of a collective professional society of addiction treatments providers grounded in a common value system of transparency, ethics, professionalism, and accountability,
  2. The promotion of high-quality service through measurable operational core competencies,
  3. The launch of an industry wide inventory of diversity, equity, and inclusivity together with a model of growth, and
  4. The creation of a national outcomes and measures research foundation dedicated to scientific data collection, analysis, and education.

Read Leading the Way to Recovery
The NAATP Strategic Plan

The mission of the National Association as defined by this plan is to provide leadership, advocacy, training, and member support services to ensure the equitable availability and highest quality of addiction treatment. We approach this mission as our obligation and our privilege. We are grateful to the NAATP members who form the association through a system of shared values and a belief in the spirit of recovery. Because of you, the National Association is bound for success in the years ahead.

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