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2020 Addiction Industry Salary Survey Release

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The National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) is pleased to release the 2020 National Addiction Industry Salary Survey. The 2020 survey is the 12th salary survey produced by The National Association and is expanded to include additional information regarding facility capacity, parental leave, benefits by staff type, and salary distributions. A total of 141 facilities participated in the 2020 report. The additional data and information make this a valuable tool to benchmark organizational service offerings, diversity of staff, benefits, and salaries. Preview the 2020 Salary Survey here.

In 1986, NAATP conducted the first-ever salary survey within the addiction treatment provider industry, recognizing that a salary survey is an essential tool to help members of our field attract and retain top talent and provide high-quality addiction service and care. Data for the 2020 salary survey was collected entirely online, via a survey hosted on Qualtrics. The data was collected and analyzed by the independent research firm, OMNI Institute. A total of 141 organizations participated in the survey, which represents 14% of NAATP membership. Each organization generously donated their time and data. They are examples of the collegiality and collaboration that NAATP stands for and encourages of all our members.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to NAATP Members that demonstrated their commitment to our field, and provided a significant contribution of time and data despite the emerging pandemic,” said NAATP CEO, Marvin Ventrell. “Their participation has allowed us to produce a valuable resource that aids our members in attracting and retaining qualified, professional staff, and enhances the quality of addiction treatment services across the field.”

The 2020 survey is complimentary only to participating members and is available by purchase through the link below to non-participating members for $1,000 and non-members for $2,500.

Purchase 2020 Salary Survey

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