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Wish Recovery Accredited

Wish Recovery
Mailing Address: 9460 Wish Ave, Northridge, California 91325, United States
Phone: 844-222-8808
Admissions: Bruce Berman, CMO
Admissions Email:
Admissions Phone: 747-463-1041
Marketing Contact: Ruben Mirakyan
Marketing Email:
Marketing Phone: 747-277-1444
Membership Type: Provider
About This Organization:

Wish Recovery provides high-quality luxury rehab services. We provide a congenial recuperative environment for those struggling with addiction by combining clinical and therapeutic approaches to promote long-term recovery. Our team of professional doctors, psychiatrists and counsellors give personalized and comprehensive care for patients.
We understand that addiction is a disease and by following an innovative treatment approach, we ensure that patients get quality treatment. We use proven and evidence-based approaches to design efficient recovery programs. For instance, the detox program ensures that patients lead a drug-free life without having to struggle with severity of withdrawal symptoms. The designs are based on the three phases of addiction treatment: detox (medical), psychotherapy (counselling) and after-treatment care (social work).
At Wish Recovery, we understand the stresses and traumatic events a first responder is exposed to every day and that the nature of the profession puts you at a higher risk of developing a substance abuse habit. If you are struggling with a traumatic event, such as an accident, assault, death of a co-worker or combat trauma, these issues can often lead to drug and alcohol abuse, relationship problems, poor work performance or failure and sleep disturbance.

Mission Statement:

Our core mission is to set the standard of excellence in treating addiction by providing world-class recovery treatment programs and facilities that creates an enabling environment for long-term recovery. We are committed to providing treatment programs that addresses the underlying causes of addiction in our long-term continuum of care. By collaborating with the community and the state, we seek to help individuals, families and communities struggling with addiction using evidence-based recovery interventions. We work with patients and families to strengthen renewed relationships and create an environment that promotes lifelong recovery.

Licensing Body:

Department of Health Care Services

Accrediting Body: Joint Commission
Treatment Type: Inpatient, Inpatient Addiction Treatment, Inpatient Detox, Inpatient Psychiatric Treatment, Residential
Recovery Support Services: - none -
Clinical Approach: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, EMDR, Medication Assisted Treatment
Specialty: All Gender, Dual Diagnosis/Co-Occurring Mental Health, Family Program, First Responders, Pain Management, Professionals, Sex Addiction, Trauma/PTSD
Number of Beds: 1-10 Beds
Year Founded: 2019
9460 Wish Ave
Facility Type: Treatment Center