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Sober AF Entertainment, S.AF.E.

Sober AF Entertainment, S.AF.E.
Mailing Address: 485 2nd Ave, #4204, Longmont, Colorado 80501, United States
Phone: 303-888-9019
Membership Type: Supporter
About This Organization:

We create safe spaces in fun places.

Sober AF Entertainment (S.AF.E) is a website community for fun, free, sober, community activities. We offer the place for sober support groups to promote themselves and to add videos and blogs along with a program to manage volunteers. We will add our own interviewing facebook live posts and live Facebook at concerts where they have sober support groups.

It can be difficult to find SAFE Zones at music festivals, sporting events etc. Our site will help connect people looking for others who are at the events but doing it sober.

This is a nonprofit supported by donations. This site helps people have fun, feel supported, manage volunteers and shows we take care of our own.

Mission Statement:

Sober AF Entertainment is the voice for the community looking for fun without being around drugs or alcohol, these activities are traditionally at non sober areas (Concerts and sporting events). We also educate our community to sober support groups that are already in place. We also offer calendar and event support for sober support groups and help promote their own sober tailgates at sporting events and concerts.

Recovery Support Services: Recovery Community Organization, Other
Other Recovery Support Services Offered:

Creating safe sober spaces

Year Founded: 2018
485 2nd Ave
Facility Type: Recovery Support