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Face It Together

Face It Together
Mailing Address: 5020 S. Tennis Lane,, #4, Sioux Fall, South Dakota 57108, United States
Phone: 855-539-9375
CEO: Kevin Kirby
Marketing Contact: Erika Batcheller
Membership Type: Supporter
About This Organization:

Face it TOGETHER is a team of social entrepreneurs working to transform the U.S. into a nation that has solved drug and alcohol addiction. We’re harnessing the power of peer coaching, technology, and science to get and keep people well from addiction. We see ourselves as change agents, using innovations in customer experience, technology, and data science to deliver personalized health coaching that transforms the lives of people impacted by addiction. Face it TOGETHER offers addiction recovery coaching for those suffering from the disease as well as their loved ones.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to get people with addiction and their loved ones well.

Language Services: Spanish
Levels of Treatment Care: Continuum of Care
Specialty Programs: Alcohol/Drug Addiction, Eating Disorders, Female Only, Patients with Children, Professionals
Services offered: , Research, Other
Other services offered:

Peer Coaching. FIT offers peer coaching and navigation services to people with the disease and their loved ones. FIT peer coaches provide high quality practical, social, and emotional support to empower people to successfully manage their disease. Our coaching is based on best practice models for peer-based support and reflects proven field-tested tools and techniques. The FIT coach-training curriculum is evidence-based.
Navigation. FIT coaches provide assistance in daily management, social and emotional support, linkages to clinical care and community resources, and ongoing support extended over time. Navigation meets a critical role in the community by helping people find and connect with local resources supporting them on their path to wellness.
Recovery Capital Index (RCI). FIT's RCI is a proprietary, holistic, person-centered metric that is used to measure wellness throughout our clients' wellness processes. Using a multi-dimensional score from 1 to 100, the RCI provides a comprehensive baseline and tracks care effectiveness, allowing FIT's coaches and other providers and services to follow the client's progress, and to tailor support at any point in the continuum of care.
AXIS. FIT created an addiction-specific technology platform, AXIS, that offers tools for managing clients, coaching remotely, managing data, and visualizing evaluation results. AXIS enables FIT's coaches to provide support to clients when and how they need it -- via text, email, phone or video.
Loved Ones. Approximately 10% of the US population battles addiction. However, for every person directly suffering from the disease, four to five additional people are directly impacted, such as parents, partners, spouses, children, and friends. Today, loved ones have few choices for support. In 2016, FIT designed and deployed the Loved One's Program. A recent note from a loved one: "You gave us the best few months we have had in years with our son. You made it possible for us to have our real son back."
Workplace Initiative. Since 2009, FIT has been working in partnership with local employers to help their employees and family members get well from addiction. We offer employers a powerful value proposition: we help them address one of their most pressing and costly workforce issues and, in return, we help employees battling addiction get well, which leads to better employee engagement and productivity, and reduced attrition and operational costs.

Payment Assistance Available: Yes
Type of Payment Assistance: Scholarships
5020 S. Tennis Lane,
Sioux Fall
South Dakota